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Garry’s Mod sandbox features

Garry’s Mod is one of the most entertaining, simple and with more game options of the entire Steam store. With its approximately 160 game modes, it can be difficult to choose one to play. Although half of these modalities are usually empty. So in this list we bring you what according to us are the best game modes for the GMOD.

The sandbox version is one of the most used since the limitations of the player are unlimited and this can do in the virtual world everything you want. This can be played both alone and with more players depends only on what you want and so from simple constructions and mega constructions to make your virtual world the best.

On the other hand, in the sandbox version you can include the characters you want through the addons which are extremely easy to install and you can get them anywhere. You can get addons of Zombies, Mario, Zelda. In addition if you are going to install the addons of structure, space, objects among others.

Characteristics of the Game

One of the main features that Gmod has is that it allows you to create different constructions with moving parts; this helps you expand your imagination. You can create cars and drive them and even if you want, you can create a rocket and send it to the moon, seas, rivers, open spaces, cities, and buildings, everything you want. The limit is only you.

In addition, this game allows you to play the online version for you to enjoy with your friends, which allows you to cooperate in the joint construction and thus make magnificent creations with the imagination of all. Garry’s Mod has as its main characteristic a productive and completely rich community, which is what allows you to enjoy completely new complements at every moment. The installation of these add-ons can only be achieved by clicking, you do not need large steps to download and even use them.

On the other hand, the Sandbox version has multiple features that allow you to enjoy different types of scenarios through maps that allow you to download to play, for example is the terror map in which you must be attentive to save your life, the invasion of monsters which you can play alone or do it with your friends through the inclusion of Hamachi.

So you have to enjoy Gmod with all your friends, create your spaces and become a pro in this game.