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Applications! In Android, we have many of them, games, launchers, widgets. Everything! We know that not all have the quality we would like, but there are others that are sweet.

Today, we show you the best applications of early 2018 according to Google Play itself. Android Excellence is part of the Choice Editor of Google Play, so we will only find quality applications. Do you want to know what the best thing you can install on your mobile is? Let’s see it!

The best apps you can install right now

It is not easy to know when an app is good or not, and for this are the compilations and selections, so you know what you should install in your terminal without fear of being disappointed. In Android Excellence enter games, productivity applications, apps to find a job. Everything. The only requirement is that the application is of quality, well valued by users and by Google itself. Well, let’s see what we can download in our terminal.

Best new apps

These are some of the best applications that you can download in the Play Store. There are all kinds, so get comfortable and take a good look, you’ll probably find some interesting ones.

Flick Launcher

Inspired by the Google Pixel launcher, Flick Launcher mimics the Pixels smartphone interface and offers several customization options. Applications, shortcuts, night mode, fonts. Everything changes according to your tastes. You will not need to have a Pixel or run Android Oreo on your smartphone to have the interface.

Reminder – Create reminders from any app

As its name suggests, this application allows us to create reminders for many applications in a super simple way. You have to press the share button in an application and put the date and time you want to notify. It is perfect for the most forgetful.

Dark matter – Flat Dark Icon Pack

Do you want to give another air to your smartphone? With Dark matte Icon Pack, you can. This application has a huge variety of icons (more than 1,500) with a flat design and dark tones. If you like black and derivatives, do not hesitate to try it. Your phone Will be the most original.

Always in touch with your family

That messaging applications are the most popular is no secret. Of course, each is the choice of each one of all the available ones and what factors influence this decision. You may prefer emoticons or stickers, or you may be more aware of the privacy and security of your conversations. The messaging applications are a world in which the vast majority has decided to download and use WhatsApp, but there are exciting alternatives. In fact, I always try to give reasons to convince that Telegram is better than WhatsApp.


Although more than one hurts, the vast majority of smartphone users use WhatsApp. Specifically, we are talking about 1,200 million active users, so if you want to be connected, you need this application.


More and more people try this application and stay, and that Telegram offers the same as WhatsApp, but with many more features, such as the ability to send much larger files, up to 1.5 GB. The groups admit, also, much more people than their competitor. It is an application very to take into account.


The Snapchat public was born in the nineties. If you have more than 30 springs, you may find it somewhat cumbersome. The idea behind this messaging/social network application is that everything you share with your friends will only last a few seconds and you will never see it again.

That the weather does not give you surprises

How many plans are ruined by not having a good weather forecast? So that this does not happen to you, the best thing is to resort to some of the numerous pre-installed applications that allow you to check the time, but they are not always complete or too precise. Two of the most recommended in this area, and also the most popular, are AccuWeather and Yahoo Time, but there are many more.


This application uses an algorithm created for by the developers themselves to predict the time. They integrate meteorological data from thousands of weather stations and own data. Among many of its functions, we can access webcams distributed around the world and watch a video of the weather situation of the place. Also, if we are going to travel, it offers alternative routes to avoid bad weather.


It is probably the best-known platform of meteorology, not only in mobile phones but also in desktop devices. AccuWeather has all the weather information you need in real time.

The best Apps to take your photos

If there is something for which we use the smartphone as well as to call or send messages, it is to take pictures. Each time the sensors of the cameras are more advanced, but the software does not always have enough editing functions or is not as complete as some applications. But calm, you can play with the images all you want with these applications. We warn they are just a small sample of a whole world.


This makes your photos become real works of art. As many other photo editing apps have a lot of filters, the difference here is that these filters have been created following the style of painters and artists.

Beyond these spectacular filters, the application does not have (yet) many more functions but deserves to be on the list for its precious results.


Google has its image editing application. Its operation is straightforward, and its interface cannot be more transparent. It has several pre-configured filters and numerous editing tools.


One of the most popular photo editing applications is VSCO. One of the reasons why it is among the most downloaded apps is the effectiveness of its preset filters and how easy it is to combine them with other settings.

Camera360 Ultimate

It is a complete app that includes a large number of functions, as well as more than 200 filters and no ads. Something to highlight is its user interface, very clean and intuitive. Also, it includes the possibility of sharing images through NFC.

Multimedia players

Surely you are not satisfied at all with the serial player that brings your Android smartphone. Mainly because it does not reproduce all possible video formats. Therefore, we recommend you like the best application to play videos the following:

VLC for Android

No file type will resist with VLC for Android. The prestigious player present in PCs is passed to Android to offer us all its functionality in our smartphone. Try it; you will not regret it.

MX Player

One of the best players that we can find, as well as easy to handle due to its simple interface. Although advertising can be a bit invasive, the user experience is magnificent in general terms.


Poweramp is one of the most popular Android players. An intuitive user interface, customization of themes and support of various formats are the strengths of this application. If you want to try it you have 15 days; then you have to pay for the service.

In Google Play Store we will find other alternatives, such as Player Pro, very defended by several of you. Therefore, it is best that you take a look at this article about the best music players for Android. In it, we explain the pros and cons of each one of them.

In addition to players, there are also radio applications for Android and even apps to download music to MP3. Inevitably you find what you are looking for.

Enjoy your favorite series and TV shows

The way of enjoying television has changed completely. And more since the screens of smartphones are getting bigger and allow you to enjoy your favorite multimedia content from anywhere. Unfortunately, in Spain, we still do not have a useful application in Google Play Store that offers us several channels all in one (if you know any, it’s the perfect time to open my eyes). My advice is to have at hand the three main apps corresponding to the usual channels.


This application will allow you to view the content of the series and television programs of Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, Nova, and Aire series, as well as listen to radio stations Onda Cero, Europa FM, and Melodía FM.


RTVE has a version for mobile and another for a tablet, which shows the optimized content for that format. In case you have not already found out, this application offers the content of Spanish public television and RNE.


It is not exactly an application to watch television understood as such, but it is the new way to enjoy it. Netflix is ​​”television on demand” with a vast catalog with a wide range of offerings in series, documentaries or film titles. Probably the most popular entertainment application worldwide.

With the music everywhere

The uses of smartphones are unlimited. There are more and more, but the classics always survive. Listening to music from our devices is the most common. And, as you probably already know, many applications allow us to enjoy our favorite music wherever we go or even guess that song that is playing, and you do not know what it is. Here we name a couple of the most popular, or those that we like the most.


Probably the best known and most used music application of all. With a good design, easy and intuitive and, best of all, a vast selection of artists, genres, and songs, Spotify allows you to create your playlists and connect with other users.


I guess you know Shazam by now, but if you’ve been on a desert island for the last nine years, I’ll tell you that it’s one of the essential applications on a smartphone. With Shazam, you can recognize any song that sounds anywhere. He is even able to guess the subject with a dull hum whenever it is good. Your discoveries will be stored in a list on your main screen and the ‘Discover’ tab you will always have something new to listen to.

Ready! There you have a good list of the best applications and games that you can download right now. Having the seal of excellence of Google practically, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed with almost any, so do not hesitate to give it a good chance.