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Although it is necessary to remember that the saga remained in the anonymity for the great majority of players, until in the year 2001 it went out for sale Grand Theft Auto III for PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. No doubt that launch was the kick-off of the saga to the world fame that today enjoys, thanks mainly to its novel and incredibly rich world in 3D.

And since nostalgia is a very powerful element, companies like Rockstar are managing it very well. Because the appearance of the Grand Theft Auto saga in our devices has meant reliving one of the most remarkable episodes in the history of videogames, with the advantage of being able to play it anywhere.

For Grand Theft Auto San Andreas fans

Discover all the possibilities offered by GTA.

Back home

This Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes us back to the epicenter of crime in the United States, at the beginning of the 90s, exactly to 1992, the year of great disturbances in that country and the peak of the Latin bands in the big cities of the coast. West. In the middle of this problematic environment this Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is developed.

Carl Johnson is the protagonist, and returns to the city of Los Santos to attend the funeral of his Mother, who in circumstances still unclear, has been shot dead. With this fact as the main storyline of the game, as soon as we get to Los Santos we will run into several police officers, who will extort us from the first moment to be their informer, after threatening to incriminate us in the recent murder of an agent of cop.

From here, Carl will have to regain the reputation he had lost after moving from Los Santos to Liberty City, so he will have to work hard for the honor and influence of his lifelong band, the “Grove Street”. Families “returns to the levels of yesteryear, reconciling in this way with his family, and most important of all, finding out what happened to his mother, and who are responsible.

An authentic GTA in our pockets

Without a doubt, the great attraction of the “ports” that Rockstar is making of its great titles is the possibility of playing them anywhere, and best of all, with a quality even superior to that of their original versions. Okay, this is something we could already do with a PSP, but recognize that it is more likely that we always carry our phone to a PSP.

That said, the version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Android comes loaded with improvements over the original version of PS2. Obviously the first one is graphic, because in itself, the resolution of our devices is much higher than that of PS2. But not only that, this new San Andreas has been improved graphically as any of the other “ports” to Android of the saga.

GTA San Andreas multiplayer online

There is nothing like a good handful of fans to fill the gaps of some games. The latest in mods for PC is Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, the online version of the game published by Rockstar and that reaches its version 1.0. At the moment the mod includes a racing mode, a map to create our own circuits and most importantly: a lot of improved code with respect to the mods for GTA3 and Vice City. To use it you only need to download the client from the Multi Theft Auto page and have version 1.0 of GTA: San Andreas for PC.

Before installing Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, first make sure there are no GTA: SA modifications installed. They can cause conflicts with MTA. If you want to keep your mods, you can create two GTA: SA installations, reinstalling San Andreas to a second folder on your hard drive.

If you have your modified GTA and want to play with your mods, you will need to have certain original files from the data folder. Make a backup of your data folder before replacing so you do not lose your mods.

Also, make sure you are running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003 and that your computer is capable of running the game in a single player. Keep in mind that if you are running the single-player game to the minimum of the requirements, you are likely to experience delays when playing MTA, as it takes up additional processing power.

Despite its major problems in the launch, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Android is an essential title in any collection of mobile video games. For € 5.99 Grand Theft Auto is a great game, the best Android delivery of this saga, by far, a must buy and a dream come true for those who 10 years ago enjoyed this game on PS2.