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Gmod – Online multiplayer Game

Surely you’ve ever seen this game in your favorite youtubers like Willyrex, Vegetta or Alexby11. This is the gameplay Garry’s mod, Prop Hunt in which you will be part of one of the two teams in the game. If you have to hide, you will leave in an office and be a daily object. The Hunters will have to seek different objects that let them win the game. If you have to hide, look for a good place and do not move so as not to be discovered. If you hold the time limit, you will have made your team winner. On the contrary, if you have to hunt, you must be aware of all the objects to see if they do not coincide with the scene, if they are duplicated or if they move. Do not shoot crazy because you will lose your life to death. Enjoy this online multiplayer game so much fun!

In order to play, the easiest way is to use Hamachi. What you need to do is that both players (and those that are included for the game) are connected to Hamachi. One of the players opens the Gmod, creates a game on any map with care to configure it for multiplayer. For that once in the map selection in the upper right you can put maximum players.

How to host a Gmod server with Hamachi

Hamachi works as a type of local area network or LAN and does not require monthly fees like dedicated servers. Here are the steps so that they can host a Gmod server to Hamachi:

1. Download Hamachi on your desktop. Then you have to make double-click on the downloaded file in order to install it. The program will open automatically.

2. Click “Power On” and wait several minutes for the first-use configuration to complete.

3. Click where you see the word “Network” and then press on “Create a new network”. A dialog box will appear, asking you to select a network name and password. You need to fill all the fields and the you have to press “OK”.

4. Load “Garry’s Mod” to the main menu and choose “Multi-player”. Activate the “LAN” selection box by adjusting the desired screen options.

5. Press the “tilde” key and then type the words ” sv_lan 0 “, without the quotes. Press “Enter.”

6. Have your friends open Hamachi and join your network.

7. Ask your friends to open “Garry’s Mod” and choose “Join”, under “Multi-player”. Give them the IP address of your LAN, which you will find in the Hamachi program, under the power button. Have them type that address in the “Server Address” box, so they can join your game.