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Faily Brakes: drive as far as possible when descending a mountain

Playing with an Android terminal does not mean you have to spend a lot of time to have fun. There are so-called casual games that offer just this: short, fun and uncomplicated games. A title that fits like a glove in this definition is Faily Brakes, where reflections and skill go hand in hand when driving.

The objective in Faily Brakes is the simplest thing to learn: you must get as far as possible the car you drive, an SUV, in which the brakes have been broken at the worst possible time since you were going down the slope of a Montana. Therefore, only your ability at the wheel can save you from ending up crashing – something that, yes, sooner or later will happen. That is, you do not have to think much, and you have to hit the start button and start having fun (nor do you need to include an assistant).

An excellent detail that Faily Brakes offers is that the game does not cost anything to download it, so to use it and try if it convinces has no implication whatsoever with regards to the pocket. Of course, you should not expect him to offer the best that can be found for Android terminals, talking about graphics and sound, as this is not the case. In the first case, the creations are simple and, therefore, there are not very busy animations (which leaves some aesthetic poverty, but on the other hand, ensures excellent compatibility). The sound is testimonial.

In what has to do with usability, everything is controlled with the touchscreen. For all kinds of users to quickly understand what they have to do when it comes to managing the car in Faily Brakes, it is only possible to perform two actions: turn right or left. Look no further, since there are no other things to “scratch.” By the way, the game is not translated, something that is not very important since the language dependence is very low. The learning curve is very little pronounced and, in less than two minutes, you know exactly what you should do to avoid crashing another thing to achieve it.

Other details of Faily Brakes

What you have to partner is to go dodging the elements that appear on the screen. So, for example, stones and trees are your first enemies to leave behind. But there is more, from time to time you will have to cross a road or train track and, here, things get complicated as you must take into account the cadence of what is going on and, even, sometimes you must find a ramp that allows you to skip. Otherwise, you’ll end up with your bones stamped anywhere.

In our experience, we have found some degree of difficulty in understanding how the car turns on Faily Brakes. But, after a few minutes, things are clear: no sharp turns. Otherwise, the SUV will inevitably drift and lose control. A detail to value: it is that they are prizes scattered by the slope of the mountain, and they are not minors: reduction of the speed of the action or resistance to an impact are some of the things that you can obtain.

A final detail: the animations of the hits that you receive when hitting you are quite funny and, for this reason, the developers have included at this moment a button to make a screenshot if what you see is fun for you.