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S Gest: a simple and effective way to add gestures on your Android

If gestures seem like the simplest way to use an Android terminal, you should know that there is an application that allows you to include them in yours even if it does not recognize them by default. The name of the development is S Gest, and we tell you what you can get when you use it.

Basically, with S Gest what you will get is that to perform some actions with your phone or tablet you can execute gestures on the touch screen instead of pressing, which increases the simplicity of use and speed of execution. So, to give an example, you can open the Camera application with drag to a side on the screen. By the way, one of the best details of this work is that it is translated, which increases the ease of use, something essential in an application in which different configurations are made.

This work does not at any time put at risk the stability of the operating system, since it does not interfere in their work and, also, it is necessary to check it out (root it) so that the gestures that are applied with S Gest are useful. In what has to do with the compatibility offered by the development, we must indicate that this is excellent since in models with Double Core a very fluid operation is achieved. If you’re wondering about the minimum version of the operating system to use, this is 4.0.3, so it’s not exactly demanding.

Once S Gest is executed for the first time, a message appears that leads directly to the process used to add a new gesture. Therefore, you do not have to go around the development to find what should be done. Consequently, simplicity is one of the dominant notes in this work, something that we always indicate is positive – since you do not always want to waste a lot of time adding an add-on to the Android terminal. Of course, the user interface needs a facelift, since it is evident that its appearance is somewhat outdated.

How to use the S Gest application

Well, it’s nothing complicated. You have to do the following: click on Add to add a gesture, which brings up a drop-down menu where you can choose what you want to do each time the action is performed. Having selected this, in the central part you have to repeat the gesture five times so that the development recognizes it efficiently and, once this has been done, it will be finished – besides, without the need to restart the phone or tablet it is already possible to use the new option reasonably on the terminal screen.

If you want to delete a gesture, there is no doubt either, since there is an element called Delete that must be pressed once the desired one has been selected in the list of those that are active. By the way, that the use of all the add-ons is possible to establish it as of use in the screen of the blockade. It is possible to see a light element which needs privileges in the operating system- and that allows to use S Gest anywhere in the operating system and allows to open the recognition window.

In the tests we have done, the truth is that S Gest has seemed a very efficient application and generates very few errors when using gestures. Also, the response is speedy, so much so that you have the feeling that it is working integrated by default in the operating system – and not be therefore the development of third parties. The truth is that we liked it a lot.

If you want to download the application, you can do it in the Play Store