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Chromecast: one of the best Google gadgets

Chromecast is a fabulous gadget. Naturally, your mobile and your Chromecast are connected to the same Wifi network to send content and enjoy it on your television without any problems. Fast and effective, you go from 5 inches to 32, with stability and variable image quality, but very good in general lines.

By proxy, you can send any screen of your mobile to Chromecast using the Google Home app. However, when it works best is when they integrate the function into the application. This makes Chromecast get along exceptionally well with any multimedia or video app, whether YouTube, Netflix, Twitch. In general, our recommendations will go in this line, plus some games to get the most out of the connection between mobile and TV.

Before continuing, indicate how you use Chromecast, for those who are not clear. Usually, incompatible apps, look for the following icon in the upper right corner:

Just press it once to connect the devices. If you do it without playing or showing anything, your television will display a splash page indicating that you send something. Select, for example, a video and everything will start. You can also do the reverse: start playing something and then press the single Chromecast button to begin streaming instantly.

With that has everything you need to know about the operation of this gadget that, as we say, stands out for its simplicity. Without further delay, we leave you with our selection of best apps for Chromecast on Android.

The best apps for Chromecast on Android

This is the group of the best applications you can get for Chromecast:

Google Home and the rest of Google applications

Google Home is the essential application for using Chromecast. From this app, you can control the devices, restart them, send your entire screen and check. It will also help you to configure Chromecast and reset it if necessary. Everything you need to communicate with your Chromecast is here. From the hamburger menu, you can use the option Send screen or audio to send any list on your mobile and reflect everything that happens.

Also, as is logical, the vast majority of Google apps are also compatible with Chromecast, so it will be straightforward to use it with all of them.

Netflix, HBO Spain, Rakuten and video on demand services

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the most popular streaming service in the world. Its integration with Chromecast is absolute, and it lets you skip the intro. It works as well as people expect, and they say the same for HBO Spain, Rakuten TV or, direct rivals in the sector.

Twitch: the gamer sector also has its place

Twitch continues unbeaten as the mainstreaming gamer service while rivals such as Mixer or Facebook come through. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Twitch on your TV without any problem.

LocalCast for Chromecast

If you need to send a file from your mobile to Chromecast, LocalCast for Chromecast is the good, nice and cheap option. It is a super simple application to use that will save you from more than one hurry, even if it is something scarce in options.

Plex: your multimedia center

Plex is another of those applications to enjoy multimedia content with which Chromecast takes so well. It will serve you for your local content. Although it is a complete app than others in this list, it requires a payment to unlock all its functions. However, its free version should be sufficient to meet most needs.