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How to activate God mode in GMod

Garry’s Mod, also known as GMod, is a sandbox game that allows users to create various structures and objects with the components contained in the Half-Life 2 machine.

The game does not have a declared goal, so players have the freedom to experiment with thousands of combinations to function as engineers. The flexibility of the game causes many players to crave immortality, which is known as the God Mode in the game.

You are free to use the materials, characters, textures and other Half-Life 2, also counting the large number of Addons that exist of this wonderful Modification. It is one of the most recommended modifications of recent times. The most used and available version is the Gmod 11.

Gmod God Mode
Gmod God Mode


Good points that Garry’s mod has

This game is very striking for people for a few simple reasons:

    • You can do what you want in real life


    • You have fun in thousands of ways


    • You can try things you’ve never done before


    • Playing with friends makes you have a great time


    • You can make funny images, animations


    • You can play entertaining mini games


    • You can achieve good visual quality


    • You can manipulate the environment, the characters …


    • Express yourself with your imagination


Among the not so positive points that the game has include:

    • By putting many objects (dolls, bots, edit the environment) makes the game more petado, and this makes the game boring, but if you have a good computer it will work well.


    • Video game is blocked


    • That your computer is hooked when loading any map


    • That there are objects, etc … that do not work


    • Some texture packs that give an error although this has a solution


How to activate God mode in Gmod

Enter a single player or a private game of “Garry’s Mod” (Garry Mode). Players can use the cheat codes in these two modes.

    • If you click ~ you will open the game


    • Type sv_cheats 1 to activate the trick code used in the game. Then you have to press Enter to place the line of text.


    • Type the word god to activate the God mode in the game. To deactivate the mode in the game, type the same phrase again.


Load “GMod” to access the main menu of the game

Click on “Play Multiplayer” (play in multiplayer mode) to bring up a list of all available “GMod” servers. Find one that you and your friends can join and play together.

Click on “Create Multiplayer” in the main menu to create your own server.

Ask your friends to load Steam to see when your server is available and ask them to right-click on your name from the friends list and select “Join game server” (join the game server).

If you like online games where you can move around a virtual world and you can shoot all the users that are connected to the server, and also you think you are the best of all, in this game you can show that you are a true Shooter gamer. So get ready take note of all the tips and tricks and start playing.

Gmod God Mode

Today we will show you how to enable God Mode in Garry’s Mod, seing this video tutorial where we explain the steps and the necessary tricks to get it. This mode allows you to play in a way that you never end your life, that is, you have immortality. Playing in God mode is the most requested modification, so it is always good to know how to activate and access it easily. Have fun!