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New skins for League of legends

Very recently the images of the K-pop aspects of League of Legends leaked. Although those images had a deficient quality, it could be seen that Kai’Sa, Ahri, Akali and Evelynn would be the lucky ones who would wear new fashionable clothes.

So thanks to this, Riot Games officially unveiled the cosmetics package, and yes, they all look great. The grouping of these girls is called KDA and, as you can see, each aspect has new animations that will light up each part of the Summoner’s Crevice.

No detail was lost, and even dance choreography was introduced for the champions, like any other current K-pop group. Without more, we leave you with the fantastic official illustrations of the aspects of KDA:

new skins KDA

Of course, the updates showed the star of the night: the appearance Kai’Sa Pop Star Prestige edition. Unlike the issues above, this can only be unlocked with pieces of the Worlds 2018 event, which are achieved with missions and with the Worlds 2018 pass.

The KDA aspects will go on sale on November 3 and at this time can be tested in the PBE.

The new designs of League of Legends ranges

The preseason 9 is a month away from starting, and with it will come changes to the ranks of the League of Legends qualifying game.

A few weeks ago, two new ranks were revealed, Hierro and Gran Maestro, which promises to improve the experience of the competitive section a bit.

On the one hand, Iron will be under Bronze, this so that the summoners have a proven qualifying game and arrive well to Bronze. As for Grand Master, he will be between Master and Challenger, this with the aim of helping the calibration of players.

With new ranges, it is normal that they also update the old designs. Now, the precious metals have a face more in line with how the players feel: bronze knights who ascend to legends.

In his Twitter account, Ed “Sap Magic” Altorfer, shared a general look at how the ranges will look from season 9. Previously, the designs highlighted the color of the metal, but they did not have anything remarkable. Now, they will be helms that will be more epic about rank.

From now on, feedback will be taken to make distinctions between ranks clearer. The objective is to polish the medals, but without changing the shape of each one too much.