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League of Legends: how to create an account and play your first game

Complete guide to download and install League of Legends

In this guide we will show you step by step how to install the most famous game in the world, whatever your operating system, and the minimum system requirements.

It’s completely free! Each month, more than 67 million people play League of Legends, do not miss it!

Minimum requirements

To start, you should check your computer and its specifications to know if you can run it or not, the requirements for league of legends being the following:

For Windows:

  • Minimum 2GHz processor
  • 1GB of RAM (minimum 2GB for Windows Vista up)
  • 10GB free hard drive
  • A video card compatible with Shader 2.0
  • Compatibility with DirectX v9.0c or higher
  • Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

For Mac:

  • Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8GB free hard drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600

When you check that your computer can run League of Legends, you can proceed to create your league of legends account for free.

Remember, millions of people play League of Legends a month, and the regions for the players are divided, you can choose the one that is closest to you and relate to people in your country, city, or even neighbors!

When you have created your account, you can start downloading the game, and depending on your operating system, there are two options, Mac OS or Windows. Choose yours and the installer will start downloading.

When you open the installer, it will guide you to install League of Legends correctly on your computer, where you will have to accept the terms of the license agreement, and will automatically install Adobe Air and DirectX9, necessary components to play the game.

You must choose the destination folder of your game, and press Install, and if you need to verify or change any configuration, you can always go back or even cancel the configuration completely.

Once finished installing with the help of the assistant, a screen similar to the following one will open, in which you will be able to observe how it begins to download all the necessary data to have the complete game. You only need to accept contracts and start analyzing files.

You should download an approximate 9.5 GB, and depending on the speed of your Internet, it may take a couple of hours. But the download will be worth the wait, meanwhile you can read more information about the game and inform yourself before entering the battlefields.

When the download is finished, a button that says “execute” will appear.

Create your account

Like the sports files of a team, to play almost any game we have to be registered. If you are new to this and you are interested in playing League of Legends, here is a quick guide on how to create an account in League of Legends. It’s very easy and simple, and it will only take a couple of minutes before you start playing.

To create the account you have to access the official League of Legends page. Here you will find the basic information of the game, the champions that exist or the news regarding changes that occur. At the top right you will see a blue button that says “Play now”. Click on it to begin filling out the form.

lol create account
League Of Legends Create Account

Choose your name

The username will not be the one that appears in the game, that you will choose later. Here you have to mark the one that will be your name to access League of Legends, that is, your username. It must have more than three characters and can have both letters and numbers. Along with the name, you will also have to select a password, indicate the email and your date of birth (the game is for over 12 years). Once the form is completed, you will only have to accept the Terms of use and download the game, which is what will take you the longest.

Log in

Once you have the game downloaded and installed, you will only have to enter the username you have chosen and the password to access the platform. This is the moment in which you will choose the name that will represent you in the games, that of your avatar. From here things start to get complicated, and there are many options on the screen that will catch your attention. But first things first, and there is no better principle than a tutorial.

lol last version

Start playing

At the top left you will see a big blue button with the word “Play”, click on it to be one step away from entering the game. In the tab “Training” you have the tutorial that will tell you the basics. The first games you will play are against the AI ​​and in 5v5. The games against other players are unlocked when you reach level 3.

Your first game in League of Legends!

Select the type of difficulty you want to face against the machine and click “Confirm”. If you want to play with someone it’s time to add your friends to the game with the “Invite” button. But before, you have had to add them in the “Social” bar, located to the right of the window. When everything is ready, look for game and accept the confrontation. At first you can only play with the champions who are in the free weekly rotation, but little by little you will be able to acquire more.