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How to Remove Pokémon Go Account

Pokémon Go has become a revolution in the world of video games. Millions of people are already looking for Pokémon all over the world and that the game is only available at the moment in some countries. But thanks to the APK, it is possible to play from anywhere. If you have already tired of this game, we explain how to delete Pokémon Go account.

Pokémon Go has gained millions of followers and players in just a few days. The players of a lifetime have joined those who have just discovered how fun this game is. Many people have downloaded the game attracted by the popularity it has achieved and the publicity that is being given through all media. However, not everyone has become a fan of it, so they probably want to delete the Pokémon Go account.

Delete the application

If you do not want to complicate your life a lot, the fastest option is to eliminate the Pokémon Go game from your mobile. We go to Storage> Applications> Pokémon Go and choose the Uninstall option. In this simple way we delete the application from our phone or tablet.

Steps to delete the Pokémon Go account

The first thing to do is send a request to delete the account to Niantic. We have to do it through a form in which the following information must be completed:

  • Email
  • Additional request information (reason for cancellation)
  • Mote of the account you want to delete
  • Next we must check the warnings that warn us that:
    • The withdrawal request is irreversible
    • All game data associated with the account will be permanently deleted.
    • The email used cannot be reused to create a new Pokémon Go account

If you decide to play Pokémon Go again you will not be able to use the same nickname again

Although Niantic warns us that the withdrawal request is irreversible, the truth is that if we repent we can still keep our account active.

After receiving our form, Niantic will send us an email and we must confirm the cancellation by answering that email. Thus, if after sending the form we have regretted it, if we do not confirm the cancellation once we receive the email from Niantic, our account will remain active.

If you decide to permanently cancel your account, do not forget to delete the game from your device later to gain storage space.

Stop playing without deleting the account

The process to cancel the account in Pokémon Go is simple, but if you do not feel like carrying it out and you do not mind if your account is still active on Niantic servers, you can do so without any problem. Most services of this type delete inactive accounts after one or two years of inactivity, so in the end your account will end up being deleted.

Remove Pokémon Go account permanently

If you are looking for something more definitive, you can delete Pokémon Go account in a very simple way. What you have to do is enter the Niantic website and fill out the form with the following information:

  • Email from which you have registered in the game
  • Additional information on the application (reason why you are requesting to cancel your account)
  • Mote of the account you wish to delete
  • Once you have filled out the form you have to check in four boxes that indicate that:
  • The request to delete Pokémon Go account is irreversible
  • The deletion of the account will entail the permanent deletion of all the game data associated with the account requesting the withdrawal
  • You will not be able to use the same email again if you decide to register again in the game
  • You cannot reuse the same nickname if you decide to play Pokémon Go again
  • If you wish, you can add an attachment to your request. Once you have the complete form, click on “Send” and it is ready. In a few hours from Niantic they will confirm that your account has been permanently deleted.

Once your account has ceased to exist, we recommend that you delete the application from your phone, so you will not have an application that you do not use taking up storage space.

Pokémon Go does not save our progress data on our phone, so if we delete the game from our device we are not actually deleting the account, all we are doing is expanding the space available on our mobile or tablet, but the account will continue active on Niantic servers.

If you really are sure that you do not want to play this game anymore, what you have to do is delete your account. If you are only interested in deleting the game from your mobile or tablet, all you have to do is go to Storage> Applications> Pokémon Go> Uninstall.

Restart Pokémon Go

Maybe instead of stopping playing, what you want to do is restart the game in Pokémon Go. In this case you can resort to delete your account and start playing with a new one or directly create a new account and start playing with it without having deleted the old one. In the latter case it is necessary that you delete the game and reinstall it or at least delete the cache.

New features of Pokémon Go

Before deleting Pokémon Go account you should take a look at the news that is coming and that is that the game still has many possibilities for improvement.

There is no concrete date for the arrival of new improvements, but what seems clear is that through successive updates new Pokémon will be arriving, new uses of the Pokéstops, exchange of Pokémon between the players and new options to train the Pokémon.