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How to download Minecraft to desktop

Minecraft is a game that has shocked the internet and is not specifically for its high-end patterns, but for how striking it is at the time of playing and the strategies you use. This game is not only designed so that children can play it but so that anyone of any age can do it.

Below we show you the step by step to install Minecraft on your PC and enjoy your favorite game are you ready?

STEP 1: Download and Install JAVA on your PC

To be able to enjoy Minecraft on your PC, you must first download JAVA. To do this, you can search the Java page where you can purchase this program for free and safely. Once the download finishes, enter the “set up” that will appear with a visible icon on your desktop and follow the steps with the recommended settings. This way you can install JAVA correctly on your PC. This is the first step, without him it is unlikely that you can continue with the game.

STEP 2: Download Minecraft on your PC

In this step, we access the link that you obtained from the game, which you can find in many web pages and even videos that offer it to you. An important point to keep in mind is that prior to accessing the “Download” button, the portal offers advertisements with a wait of up to 5 seconds to close and continue. Do not be discouraged! There is no error whatsoever just wait for the recommended time and continue until you access the secure and free download page. If you do not have confidence in doing it, you can see the reputation of the user that offers it to you and the comments that they leave, there you will know if it is reliable or not.

STEP 3: Install Minecraft and … TO PLAY!

Once the file is downloaded, the classic Minecraft icon will appear on your PC’s desktop. You can login by clicking on the icon and finishing the installation, which only takes a few minutes. Always remember to follow the recommended settings to avoid errors when running the game. Ready? Now you can enjoy your favorite game on your PC in an easy, safe and freeway.

Remember that this game has multiple versions which you can choose according to your tastes, for example you have the version of survival, creative and extreme, and if you want to play multiplayer online you can also do it with your friends without any problem.