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How to download Minecraft Pocket Edition for you tablet

Minecraft Pocket Edition originally came out for Windows (PC), but so much has been its demand that the same edition is now available for tablet. Learn how to download the new version of the game available in iOS, Windows Phone and Android online stores. The only thing that you have to take into account is that this edition is paid so when you use it you will have to pay the membership and you will be able to fully enjoy this edition on your Tablet.

Minecraft Pocket Edition on your tablet

If you want to download the version of Minecraft Pocket Edition on your Tablet, the first thing you should do is open the application store. In the search field, look for the name “Minecraft”. The game must be the first to appear in the results, since it is the only official version of Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile devices. Be careful not to download the clones. In any case, make sure that the maker of the game is Mojang, its creator.

For IPad or IOS devices you will require IOS 5.1.1, the versions below this one do not have the game. If you have the correct version, you must touch the game to open the page, check the price and click on the value. After confirming the purchase, the download will start automatically. You just have to wait for it and use the game on the iOS device.

If your tablet has the Android system, you will require Android 2.3. The process in the Android is similar in the App Store. You can also see what is the correct version and open the corresponding page. The only difference is that in Android, the price to buy, it is necessary to confirm the purchase in one step and check the installation. After that, the game will be downloaded and installed in the main menu of the device.

You can download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone device, then you are in luck, since in these devices the Minecraft version is the simplest to be downloaded, as is often shown on the main page of the game store. If you are not there, just also to check the search result, check the price and the game is worth buying. Take a look at the payment details and wait for the download to start and install automatically.

After these steps, Minecraft Pocket Edition can be used freely, and with all updates, tablet or smartphone.