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Downloading the latest version of Pokémon Go on PC

If you are a faithful player of Pokémon Go, you will surely have been interested in having this entertaining game on your computer, but you have found it impossible to do so; It can be a joy to know that it is not what you think, you just have to complete a few steps so you can fully enjoy this app on your PC without having any problems.

You should consider these words that I will tell you before you learn to download the game, although you can install this game on your computer, there are a limitation: you will not count with the entire option that the game can offer you, so the game will be quite limited, when you have it on your phone. But with any problem, you will have some options that you can use in the game in order to enjoy yourself.

Features You Will See When You Have Pokémon Go on Your Computer

The function (which is really the essence of the game) that you will not be able to perform is to hunt the Pokémon, due to the lack of the sensor and other reasons related to GPS. Some of the options given to you by having Pokémon Go on your computer are:

  • Drive your Pokés
  • You will have access to objects and the store.
  • They can make great evolutions and you can make them eat to grow.
  • You will have a complete access to Pokédex.

You need to be clear, this option is not the original one, you are downloading a non-original version of the game; so there is an option to carry some malware that can infect your computer; there is also another imminent risk: the application can ban your account while you manipulate the game. So be careful what you do, it is important that you follow the recommendations.

Steps to have Pokémon Go on your Computer

Keep in mind that since there is no original version of Pokémon Go released by Nintendo for computers, we will show you how to have Pokémon Go on your computer through a kind of trick; which will make you have it and play it.

First; you must download an emulator like BlueStacks, (which will allow you to download APK files and imitate the Android system on your computer); You could also run another emulator that you know and have used before. To continue, it is necessary that you have an operating system on your computer such as Windows 7 or greater than this.

Then; Once you have your emulator, go to the PlayStore, search for Pokémon Go and download it. By last; start the installation, then you can start your game; If you have a gmail account, log in to synchronize all the data of the game you used to drive on your mobile.

How to have Pokémon Go on your Computer with Windows 10 operating system

The first thing you will do and that will prevent your computer from becoming infected with viruses from APK files, is to download APK Mirror; followed by this you must download BlueStacks. After having it installed, you should go to the “Android” section and look for the “settings” option and then “add account”.

It’s important that you add your Google account; since, in the case that you usually play from your phone, all the data will be synchronized. Now, you will see the “APK” option and you must click there to download the APK file and install the game. When it is fully installed, you just have to run as you do from your phone.

Dresses! Having Pokémon Go on your computer is super simple and will allow you to keep track of your Pokémon from your computer; the only limitation is that you will not be able to hunt them, but it does allow you to develop other attractive and fun functions to make your Pokémon Go experience from your computer a little more interesting.