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Download Tik Tok Videos | Tips & Apps Free ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you want to download the videos of Tik Tok you just have to follow our tips and tricks to do it easily. You can download the videos from Tik Tok and save them on your mobile or PC.

Tik Tok is the fashion mobile application that already exceeds downloads that others a priori seem more popular. It is ideal to watch the short videos that other people publish and that now you will be able to download in these easy steps. Tik Tok allows you to download your videos without major problem thanks to the buttons that appear in your own application.

One of the peculiarities that are making this social network popular is the great creativity and imagination that we can find in some of the videos, in addition to its infinite possibilities of interaction.

You only need a few seconds to download the Tik Tok videos, and the good news is that you do not need to download an external application to do so, since this carries the risk of downloading malicious code. You only need your Tik Tok application, the videos with more followers can be yours to enjoy at any time.

If there is a specific video that you liked, from, we will explain two different ways in which you can download videos from Tik Tok to enjoy them at the time you want, either directly from the application on your mobile or through your email, it is also possible.

Download Tik Tok videos

  1. Enter your Tik Tok account and find the video you want to download on your mobile.
  2. Click the share button that appears on the screen to the right. A window will open with several options.
  3. Click on save video to start the free and easy download.
  4. When the installation is finished the application will show you a place on your mobile where the video in mp4 format is downloaded; on android it is saved in the camera photo folder.

The way to proceed is the same for android as for iPhone, although the folder in which it is saved in the latter is different.

Now you can download videos from Tik Tok without external programs, easily and in the fastest way; videos of music as well as dances or funny situations, to share with your friends or to edit their content.