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Zoom mobile App

Zoom Video is a popular videoconferencing application in home and educational settings for its free cost, for the ease of use of its interface, for its fun backgrounds or for its scalability for use on multiple devices.

You can download and install Zoom on your Android smartphone or your iPhone, it’s available for both. In case you want more screen space and viewing options, you can also download the app on your computer. With that said, you can also use Zoom via Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

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How to host or join a Zoom meeting

To run a Zoom meeting through your smartphone, you have to open the app> sign in> tap New meeting, which is a button in the upper left corner. You can choose if you want to keep your video on or off, or later use this function. You will then see a meeting ID, which you can share with participants to allow them to join your Zoom meeting. You can allow people with your meeting ID to join the room directly, or you can disable it to require a password along with your meeting ID to join. Once it’s set up, tap Start a meeting and you can start a meeting on the fly.

Similarly, if you are a participant, just ask the host for the meeting ID. After that, open the app> tap Join and then enter the meeting ID on the next page. You will also need to enter the password if the host has requested it. Just enter the details and you can join the meeting.

If you are using Zoom on your computer, open the application and log in. Once you’re signed in, click the little down arrow icon next to the Meeting button. Here, check the options similar to how it is done on the phone. After that, click Meeting to begin.

To join Zoom meetings created by others, open Zoom and click Join. Select whether you want to share your audio or not, also choose whether you want to share your video or not, and click Join to start. You do not need to install Zoom to join meetings. This can be done through the web browser if you have a link to any Zoom meeting, but be sure to ignore the message to install the Zoom app. Once you ignore this, you can join the meeting through a browser.

Follow these steps:

If you are using Zoom on an iPhone, after starting a meeting, tap “More”, which is in the lower right. Now select Meeting Settings. Then uncheck the option called “Allow participants to share.”

If you are using Zoom on an Android smartphone, start a meeting, tap More, and go to Meeting Settings. Here, enable Block Sharing.

If you are using Zoom on the web or through the application on your computer, after starting a meeting, open the Advanced Sharing options from the Share screen, and under Who can share, click Host Only.