What is GTA V?

The Grand Theft Auto (abbreviated as GTA) is a collection of video games about street motifs, which tells the story of the adventures and exploits of several potential criminals in the state of San Andreas. The whole game consists of a combination of action, adventure, driving, and occasional role mode, with elements of stealth and careers, and that has generated controversy due to its adult nature and its violent undertone.

The last game of this collection, Grand Theft Auto V, was developed in 2013. And the scenario was the west coast of the United States, specifically San Andreas, in this game, only appears Los Santos and Blaine County, as an explored ground in the game, considering that there are still places like San Fierro, Red County and Las Venturas. This is the first game where we can see 3 protagonists of the saga at the same time.

It is important to mention that this game is the second most expensive game in history, with an expenditure of 265 million dollars, surpassing its predecessor GTA IV with 100 million dollars of expenses, and being bettered only by Destiny. However, Grand Theft Auto V raised $ 800 million in the first 24 hours of its release, which made it the video game that had raised more money in less time in all history. Grand Theft Auto V had raised in 3 days a record amount of 1 billion dollars in sales.

The characteristics of this title are simply insane; I think we all know more or less how things are going. The graphic quality is even today one of the best in any video games created, not to mention if you can play it on PC adding MOD graphics, which let you end up with a game of several future generations. Great change right?

Besides, GTA is quite comfortable and allows us to move in a significantly fluid way in each of the situations that we face. The design of the game in general is unique, the characters are designed in detail from the beginning to the end, it is just amazing the level of detail, the great work that everyone who has worked behind the game have put into it.

The scenarios, the city, the cars, absolutely everything is also just great, with clear textures that obviously can be improved a lot (Here are the MOD again) we cannot deny that they have a quite impressive detail that makes us live a game as if it were a movie.