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What is Garry’s Mod (GMOD)

Garry’s Mod or simply Gmod is a modification of the Source engine which is used in the most recent video games as in the case of Orange Box and Left 4 Dead. It is a sandbox game which allows any user to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. Basically you have the whole world to create everything you want, as a limit your imagination.

The Garry’s Mod requires the user to have at least one game that uses the Source graphics engine (game including Source SDK), such as Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2.

It was created in 2005 by Garry Newman. Since then, the game has had several versions, in which each of them has amazingly increased the chances of creating what the player wants, as well as the correction of old errors. In its most current version, the 11, the number has been eliminated directly and the name of Garry’s Mod has remained simply.

This version receives regular updates through the program called Steam. Garry’s Mod has been on sale at Steam since November 29, 2006.1

What does the game allow you to do?

Garry’s Mod allows you to create anything and enter it into the game, be it characters, vehicles, etc. At the beginning come, among others, characters from Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike (although in the latest version include Team Fortress 2 and Portal), even some of them can be used as players.

It also has implemented the language features called Lua, which allows users to create their own weapons, game modes and scripts. Game modes can be completely changed from game genre. Some examples are the Roleplay, Stranded, SpaceBuild, Melonracer, and Zombie Survival. The servers of Garry’s Mod download the modified or extra content to the user who enters. On this page you can download several modifications for the game.

A popular use of Garry’s Mod is to make comics, using the pose features of Ragdolls, inanimate models that are allowed to modify their position freely. Many of the comics can be found in the official forums in animated form or on YouTube.

A MOD of the game Half-Life 2 of Valve. One of the funniest games with friends around Steam, the game is based on a world full of possibilities with the engine, weapons and objects of Half-Life 2. Once this is the time you can use all these tools to make your creations, in general the community is what moves the game, with maps, game modes and much content. If you play, it will only give you a few hours, but with friends you can give many. In addition the game is very cheap (offer at € 2).