What are the best GTA characters

GTA is one of the most successful sagas of videogames, with more than 220 million copies distributed throughout the world until last summer, of which at least 60 belong to GTA V, which several years after its launch is still following Sneaking into the bestseller lists of each month. This time we will not review the games of the GTA saga, but we will focus on their characters. Practically all the titles of the Rockstar saga have allowed us to enjoy characters, both, main and secondary, memorable and very charismatic, but in this report we are going to present a selection with the seven best GTA characters.


With an overwhelming personality and a dress of the most striking, Trevor Phillips has become one of the most beloved characters by fans of GTA. Trevor is the owner of a small company that buys drugs and weapons and shares the spotlight with Michael and Franklin in GTA V. His violent and impulsive nature makes Trevor one of the most interesting and charismatic characters that the Rockstar saga has given birth to.

Niko bellic

He is the main protagonist of GTA IV, a former soldier who faces his past during the whole adventure while trying to deal with the little pride he feels from his bad deeds. One is one of the most emotional protagonists of the saga GTA and more reserved at the time of showing us his personality, although in some dialogs of GTA IV gave samples of his particular sense of humor.

Tommy Vercetti

Thomas Vercetti, also known as Tommy Vercetti is the main protagonist of GTA Vice City, although he is also mentioned in GTA IV and GTA San Andreas. Tommy Vercetti has no regrets if he has to resort to violence or even murder to resolve any situation and shares a number of characteristics with Tony Montana. In addition, it has a character that perfectly reflects classic criminals.

Michael De Santa

Michael accompanies Trevor as representatives of GTA V on this list, and is that it is one of the most peculiar characters in the series. It may seem like a normal person at first, especially considering how most GTA characters are, but soon we will discover a turbulent personality, full of traumas and very unstable. Michael stars in some of the most fun and delirious moments of GTA V, many of them with Trevor also present.

Yusuf Amir

Effusive and with a carefree lifestyle in the face of adverse situations, Yusuf Amir is one of those great secondary remembrances of the GTA saga. Yusuf is one of the characters that appear in GTA: The Ballad of Tony Gay, second downloadable content of GTA IV, although it is also mentioned in the original adventure of Niko Bellic and in the first expansion of the game called GTA The Lost and Damned.

Lance Vance

Liar, immature and carefree, Lance Vance is one of the most outstanding secondary characters and remembered by the followers of GTA. With appearances in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, Lance Vance is known for his particular dance called Lance Vance Dance and shows us how this character is spent on the dance floor in some of the cinematic prior to several missions.