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Tricks to overcome the missions of PUBG

If you are a fan of the game PUBG, making correct every mission will be important for you, so knowing correct the missions let you be the best. The missions are a new addition to PUBG that has just been introduced with the latest update.

The Rewards Tab in PUBG is completely new too, and since the system is new, you may be a bit lost, so we have prepared this mission guide in PUBG.

Complete your Missions in PUBG

You can select the available dropdowns here, which will detail the different missions you have available. Keep in mind that you will have to claim any of the rewards that you unlock by going to the missions tab and clicking on claim, they do not give it to you automatically.

The meaning of the missions with the new system that PUBG has introduced, you can unlock additional prizes and things like skins and other elements. These items give you things like BP boosters, additional BP, clothing items.

Some will entrust you with specific types of deaths, such as hand-to-hand casualties, while others will force you to travel a certain distance in specific vehicles, or even on foot. In addition to the new mission system, you can also pick up the PUBG Premium Event Pass, which will give you some great rewards and even some top quality items to help you grow your wardrobe.

Things you should not do in a game of PUBG

Enter buildings with the door open

It may be tempting to enter a building that has its doors open, but in PUBG this means that another player has been there and will have collected all the loot, but also that it may be near the building to detect you.

Enter buildings with the door closed

Like buildings with open doors, buildings with closed doors are suspect because it means that a player has been there and has closed the door to mislead us. During that time, it will have been done with the best booty and could be inside. The closed doors in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are deadly traps and you should only access those buildings if you are absolutely sure that there is no one in or near.

Do not enter any building

It is absolutely essential to enter buildings, whether the doors are open or not. Yes, we just told you to be careful, but inside there are juicy treasures: weapons, armor, backpacks … You will need all these resources and many more to survive on the battlefield. Try to be cautious and have good aim to get out unscathed.

Do not mute the chat

99 players talking at the same time and fighting each other will not be pleasant at all. If you thought you had seen everything with Call of Duty, it is because you had not played anything like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground before. Disconnect the chat to get silence and to concentrate better.