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Tips to be a good top in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game where we have to choose a position among five. These positions are (as they occur in other team sports) immovable, having to be busy. One of them is the top, a solitary position that is separated from the team most of the time, but that must maintain a constant communication. If you think that top is your position in League of Legends, here are a couple of tips to receive congratulations from your team.

Choose a good top

It is essential to choose a champion that is appropriate. In top characters are played with great resistance, being the tanks of the team and those who put the body to protect the AD Carry and mid. Look at the goal to discover which are the best, although you can always play outside the goal to surprise the opponent. Champions such as Gnar, Rumble, Maokai, Cho’Gath or Renekton are the usual ones in professional games.

In addition, you have to take into account the capacity of initiation that you must have, being the frontline that goes hunting for the enemy. Characters like Singed or Riven can help you enter without fear in the middle of the rival (as long as you have your teammates behind). Also keep in mind that you will have to leave your position to help in other lines with Teleportation, almost mandatory summoner’s spell. If you resort to champions such as Pantheon or Shen you can use their definitive to appear on the map without using the summoner.

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Protect yourself and cover the flanks

The side streets are lucky not to be as gankeables as the mid line, but that does not prevent you from suffering some gankeo from the jungle or even from the rival midlaner. Placing vision guards in the river bush will help you press the line and kill the minions without worrying. Whenever you can, try to find out where the rival jungle is, because it can surprise you with the higher bushes, entering from behind.

If your henchmen are hitting the enemy Tier 1 tower and you have enough level, take the opportunity to advance and finish with the new wave of minions. Even if you are on the blue side you can do the golems of the rival jungle and put some vision guard. If on the other hand you are playing under the tower, ask for help with a gankeo that gives you air. Do not hesitate to make an exchange with your namesake on the line, using Teleportation if the occasion requires it to not lose experience or gold.

It is key that your level in the game is of the highest, because this way you will be able to face better in the teamfight to the carry. Build your build around defensive objects, although there is always room for some offensive, such as the Trinity.


You are the tank of the team and the one that has to go ahead. Once the line phase is broken you have to be the leader and go ahead of your team. Do not be afraid to tanker the tower for a couple of hsots if this will get the AD Carry to throw it away. Now, keep in mind that without you, the team cannot face any teamfiht.

In addition, when looking for jungle targets, such as the Nashor or an ancient Dragon, you can occupy two positions. On the one hand you can fulfill your tank function and receive damage from the creature. But on the other hand you can leave the pit and try to avoid rivals from approaching. Many top champions have skills that allow them to escape, such as Jax’s jump.