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Tips to be a good support in League of Legends

Almost all team games have a role for a player more destined to watch over the well-being of their teammates than in throwing to end the life of the rival. In League of Legends this position is that of support. The support is on the bottom line along with the AD Carry, its main task being to annoy the rival, place vision guards and try to prevent their allies from dying. If you want to be support in League of Legends, here is a series of tips that you should take into account.

What champion can be support?

While the rest of the lines are designed for certain characters, the support position is viable for any champion. Eye! Viable does not mean that it works. The champions who usually occupy this position are either tanks or semitanks or characters that place shields and heal the partner. Although the support has another important function that is to start.

lol support
League Of Legends Support

In general, the tank usually goes with the chest to the enemy team in the teamfight, but the support can avoid all that damage with a good initiation. Alistar is one of the most recurrent champions and has the best result in the botlane as support. Its combination to jump for the enemy and fly through the air is the best initiations. However, other champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh can grab an enemy and turn the game into a 5vs4 that favors the team.

What functions does a support have?

In addition to the initiation and watching over the life of the AD Carry, the support does not last hit the minions to obtain gold. The AD Carry must take all the possible gold to complete his build and do the maximum damage in the teamfight, mainly to the tank, and to the targets, such as the towers or the Dragon. Therefore, the support is usually equipped with objects that grant gold per second, to avoid this decompensation by not farming. But this does not prevent him from hitting the enemy champions, making his farmeo more difficult.

Finally, the most important function of the support is to “wardear”, that is, to place Guardians of vision on the map. For this, equipment with the Vision Stone is usually used, which is improved to Ruby’s Vision Stone. By having this object, the support can place Guardians of vision through the Crack without having to buy them, being able to destine that gold to the Control Guardians, a special type of ward that reveals the invisible objects around them. This guardian, unlike those of vision, is visible, although it costs more to destroy it.