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Tips to be a good mid lane in League of Legends

The position of mid lane is one of the most charismatic of League of Legends, because in a certain way he is seen as the leader of the group in the Crack, the one that plays in the middle of all. Like the rest, the position of the central street is very important, and you can become a condition for your team to win or otherwise lose. If you want to become a great midlaner in League of Legends, here are a couple of tips that will help you on your way.

The first thing you should know is the importance of the position. The mid laner is a solitary player, who faces in a one against one that we could well consider a race to see who does more damage in less time. Farming, that is, getting gold from the henchmen giving them the last blow, is paramount, but getting to win a confrontation with your counterpart, either alone or with the help of the jungle, can give you an advantage that is hard to recover.

mid laner

Champions for the mid laner

The position of the mid in League of Legends has always revolved around champions focused on the power of ability. That is, characters that do a lot of damage with their abilities. In the middle, both an aggressive and defensive style of play is worth, so the variety of champions of our choice is quite broad.

Other League of Legends champions who have also walked hand in hand with the mid laner have been some that we have seen in the bot. Champions AD as Lucian have become in the last few months very common, being able to win the line thanks to not depend so much on mana to hurt.

The responsibility of the mid laner

The champions of mid are designed to do the maximum damage to other champions in League of Legends. Magical resistance can mitigate this damage, but usually it is so aggressive that, if it has a good composition of objects, there are few that can stop it. This is revealed when in a game one of the mid laner has managed to make a good farmeo and has ended the life of his rival a couple of times, because not only will be ahead in level but in damage. “Snowbolea” very easy compared to the rest of the lines.

Win one against one

Your goal during the first minutes of the game should be to finish with the other mid. To do this you must think about objects that will help you stay on the line for the longest time and not lose your way. The Ring of Doran is usually the most common object, because it helps you to recover mana without having to go to base. Do not press the line more than necessary, because your goal should not be to throw the tower.