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Tips to be a good jungle in League of Legends

League of Legends is a team game where each player must occupy a position among the five that there is. All have in common to be online, except for the jungle that is in the neutral zone of the map. The jungle is a position intended for aggressive players who seek at all times to enter combat, but who are both skillful and elusive, since dying has a greater impact than if we do it online. To begin to master this role, here are some tips to be a good jungle in League of Legends.

What’s in the jungle?

The Summoner’s Crack is symmetrical on the red side and on the blue side, with the same type of creatures on one side of the river as on another. You can talk about three different types of creatures in the jungle: small, medium and older. The small and the medium ones are the creatures that live inside the jungle itself and that any champion can do without any problem. However, the elders are in the river, and the support of the rest of the team is usually necessary, since they are important neutral objectives that can help us in the victory. The creatures of the jungle are:

Picchuillos: a group formed by four small ones and one bigger one. They do a lot of damage, but it also gives a lot of experience. It is best to end the big one first and try to lower the lives of the small ones with areas. If you can not, focus on the little ones to eliminate their attacks and focus on the big one at the end.

Lóbregos: it is a simple camp, very common to achieve a level without losing a lot of life. It consists of three gloomy, one larger and two small. If we finish with the first one, we will reduce considerably the damage we receive, better than if we eliminate the children first.

Gromp: a giant toad that is usual to start the game. If we can, it is advisable to ask for help to download it quickly and not receive much damage, thus having the experience in a simple way.

Krug: it’s the other option when it comes to starting the route in the jungle. It consists of two Krug that are divided into smaller ones as we finish with his life. It is best to start with the small one and go eliminating from smaller to larger.

Celestial Colossus: known as blue, is one of the medium sized jungle camps that gives a bonus or buffo when we finish with him. This buff, Emblem of insight, increases cooling reduction and mana regeneration, so it is common to leave it to the midlaner when it has reappeared for the second or third time.

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There are five different types of Dragons

Fiery ancestor: it is the other medium camp, and it is known as red because of the bonus granted to those who kill it. The red buffoon, Emblem of ashes, gives true damage and slowdown to any enemy that is hit. It is very important for the jungle, because it makes the gankeos much more feasible to end someone’s life. With advanced starting, it is common for the ADC to be done with it.

Slippery Crack: This creature, known as the river crab, is in the middle of the map, both on the top and bottom. It is very easy to kill, because it does not attack. When we finish with his life, he leaves a Sanctuary of speed in front of the place of the Nashor / Herald or of the Dragon, according to where we have to finish him.

Herald of the Crack: this objective is in the area of ​​the Nashor until minute 20, being a nonpriority objective but that can be of great help. The Herald has a strong shell that mitigates the damage received, but every few seconds it opens to reveal its weak point. When we finish with him, he releases an object that can be picked up by any champion, even an enemy. When using it, it invokes the Herald to fight in a street and it is stamped against the towers, causing a great damage.

Dragon: is in the river, at the bottom. The Dragon is a very important neutral objective, because it grants a bonus according to the type of Dragon that we have illed. Below you have the bonus according to the type:

Fire – Power of the Dragon: Increases the damage inflicted on enemy champions.

Mountain – Wrath of the Dragon: Additional damage against turrets and epic monsters.

Air- Flight of the Dragon: Speed ​​of additional movement.

Ocean – Dragon Dominance: Increases the regeneration of life and mana.

Elder – Aspect of the Dragon: Doubles the other bonuses and also causes the attacks to cause a large amount of prolonged fire damage.

Baron Nashor: is the most dangerous and most iconic monster of the jungle, making its appearance at minute 20. It is recommended that all team members help to end their lives, as the enemy team will try to steal it or end the life of the yours while you try to do it. If you manage to kill him, all the members of the team that are alive will receive the Hand of the Baron, an improvement that increases the damage and the power of ability, reducing the time of withdrawal. In addition, it improves the damage, range, movement and defense of the minions that are nearby. This buffe disappears after a few minutes instantaneously or when you die.

What champions are used in the jungle?

jungle lolThe list of champions that can go to the jungle is very variable, although there are always some names that remain. As a rule, champions who have resistance and damage capacity, that is, half-tanks, are the most common. Lee Sin, Warwick, Jarvan or Ivern are some of the best known, but some more tanks, such as Maokai, also enter the list.

Although this is not entirely reliable, there are always varieties. For example, Alistar has been played in the jungle, or Blitzcrank. Even Vayne, Twitch or Ezreal, who are shooters and their position is usually in bot have dared with this position. Magicians are less common, because depending on the abilities to do damage they are not able to endure.

If you want to start in the jungle, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you will need proper runes and masters to be able to play without fear of dying. Being eliminated in the middle of the game by the monsters is quite shameful, especially because both your team and the enemy find out. So, before launching into a normal game, we recommend that you try against the AI ​​to know how much risk you can take.

Tips to be a good jungler

The gankeo is primordial and the base to be recognized as a good jungle. It appears from the river or from the bushes to help your team to get a death, although if you take it you do not either. Use the vision guards to cover your back and know where the enemy jungle is, as well as to know if a gankeo is viable or if the opponent is going to make one.

Try to make the most of your time in the jungle. This position, when fighting against enemies constantly and receiving damage, forces to use the retreat more times than in other lines. On the one hand it is useful, because that way we are equipping ourselves and we can have the boots before even the players of the lines, but on the other it is lost time that we can not take advantage of to get experience or gold.

Although, the most essential of all is to communicate with the team. The jungle is blind, practically, and requires full control of the map. Who knows what you can find in the river doing a rotation. If you manage to have a good communication, then try to do the contra jungle, a very strong but very risky strategy. Like you, the enemy jungle needs monsters to gain experience. If you can read his movements and anticipate, you can steal his jungle, preventing him from taking the experience and the gold.