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This is how RiftAnalyst works, “the ultimate League of Legends tool”

How can you become the best player in League of Legends? It is very simple, but you have to be effort. So, you have to dedicate many hours to training, that’s clear, but also making use of tools as interesting as RiftAnalyst.

Developed by Fluendo, a Barcelona company with more than ten years of experience behind it, this video analysis program for League of Legends is becoming one of the ideal partners for professional and amateur players who want to improve their game in the Crack of Summoner

We want fans of League of Legends to know more about RiftAnalyst, so we have interviewed Jorge González de Fluendo, who has revealed to us all the secrets of an application that was born with the idea of ​​becoming “the definitive tool “of League of Legends. That from their words, they are on their way to achieving it.

RiftAnalyst guide

How does this program works?

RiftAnalyst offers many features to League of Legends players. One of the most useful is the possibility of consulting the statistics of all your ranked and unranked games in order to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are, and thus improve your tactics at an individual and team level. In addition, it allows you to analyze in video all the plays of your team and your rivals, and create your own playlists to later teach your teammates tactics and how to improve the game.

The powerful video editor of RiftAnalyst is one of its most outstanding features, since among other things it allows you to draw on any frame or zoom on a certain part of the screen. So, it let you prepare some very spectacular videos. Some videos that you can then share with your friends or upload them to YouTube, and use them to experiment little by little with everything that can be done in League of Legends “, explains Jorge González.

If you want to discover the possibilities of RiftAnalyst when it comes to professionalizing your game you have two options. The tool is available in the freemium mode, whose download is free through this web page. It is recommended to take a first look at the program, but if you really want to squeeze it as much as possible, the premium mode is available. For 3’99 euros per month you can use RiftAnalyst without any type of limitation.