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The new feature: a VR mod for Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod or Gmod, as it is best known, is not only characterized as one of the most sought-after games, but this game is created by a Valve Source engine. One of the news about this game is that it has received Virtual Reality Support through an experimental mod called VRMod.

The developers themselves have warned us that the game is still in a beta phase which the model presented at this time is not as good as you might. The support is designed for Vive, although it works with other viewers compatible with SteamVR, for those who comment that, probably, we will have to configure the controls correctly in SteamVR and adjust the FOV in the VRMod options.

Virtual reality or VR games are those that allow you to not only live a very good experience of enjoying a game but also VR let you feel the sensation of being in the place and you can touch the objects. Although it is not as simple as it was believed by the fact of being such a fast and moving game, you are still looking to achieve perfection in the game to give a Very powerful virtual reality experience.

To run it, they recommend launching the application in window mode with the combined viewfinder resolution (2160×1200 for Live) or the correct aspect ratio (16: 9 for Live). Once in the game, the RV is activated by starting the SteamVR mode that we will find in the “utilities” option of the Q menu.

The current version has absolute positioning and support tools especially with objects that help you fight your opponents in the game. In future updates they plan to add new features, such as more locomotion options, multiplayer support and performance improvements.

Some users have been able to run Half-Life 2 in VR thanks to this mod, being able to load campaign levels and aim with the controllers. So not only does this system serve to play Gmod but it allows you to develop other games.

The sequel to Garry’s Mod will have VR support

In an interview with PCGamesN, Garry Newman, author of the mod, affirms that there will be a sequel to the title before the question of whether it was raised to raise the price of the current game (sold for 6.99) on Steam. The pertinent changes are still being made so that the game is a complete success in this modality, the problem is that people do not want to wait for improvements, but want to enjoy the new functions, even in test mode.

According to the developers of the project, they do not expect to raise the price of the VR version game at this time, since they continue to work in the sequel and for them it is too illogical to increase the price. All this brings them back to the beginning, since the idea is to be able to add more RV stuff, but the game’s name will not really be Garry’s Mod 2.

Thus, fans of this sandbox who are waiting for the new features with the Source engine of Valve and the assets of their games, can already start rubbing their hands before the prospect of enjoying their creations in virtual reality. Although it does not seem that this sequel is going to arrive soon, it is fantastic news to know first-hand the author’s intentions and his decision to support virtual reality.