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The Avengers present in Gmod

Garry’s Mod is a Sandbox game of experimentation and physical simulation in which the only creative limit is your imagination. It is considered one of the Kings of the Sandbox games, and despite its years, it knows how to keep very well about the new games, even today it continues adding an infinity of content free.

For a moment it was thought that the game might think that it would have already faded in popularity or that most of the modders would have moved to something else, but I suppose that due to the lack of new games that allow modding, most of the creative types have to continue with Garry’s MOD by default and so now it’s game for a while.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about right now; the two new popular mods that have invaded space include a player model for Avengers Thanos: The Infinity War and a usable SWEP Infinity Gauntlet that lets you unleash a truly devastating power. You can get the SWEP Infinity Gauntlet from Xyz_’s The Steam Workshop page.

Avengers Infinity War Gmod

The Infinity Gauntlet has several different abilities attached to a wheel of arms. You can merely twitch the wheel and entree different skills of 20. Press ‘R’ to select Infinity Stone, and press in the mouse the right button to cycle over the influences while the left button in the mouse activates the ability. You can see how good some of the features are with the following demo video.

It still amazes me today how good physics is in the Source Engine. It is also a pity that few new games take advantage of the physical capabilities offered by the current hardware.

Of course, what’s the use of Infinity Gauntlet if you have nothing to attach? Fortunately, modder Kryptonite has imported the player model for Thanos from Epic Games’ Fortnite based on his appearance in Avengers: The Infinity War. And it’s that Thanos who is known as the Dark Lord by his closest subjects and who is completely mad about the entire galaxy.

The player model also comes with a helmet accessory for the body group that you can add or remove to your liking. You can use the player model and the Infinity Gauntlet to create real chaos or build an impressive machinima. You can also download the Thanos player mode from the Steam Workshop page.