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PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is the most popular video game since 2017, and has already released version 1.0. That is, it achieved success even before launching a final version. In the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds of Bluehole Studio, we will have to survive on an island after parachuting. It is a giant scenario, in which we fight another 100 participants, in an online shooter format.

The interesting thing about the game mode Battle Royale, is that not only is everyone against everyone, but we will also start on equal terms with the rest: and you have to go through the terrain to get weapons, protection and vehicles while the map It is shrinking in a random way, forcing the clashes between players.

There are daring players and others who only hide, but whatever the way of playing, the PUBG was installed in the world of video games in which today celebrates having overcome the barrier of 30 million players globally and continues to break Guinness records , like the one with the largest number of online players simultaneously.

Different PUBG presentations

For PC is premiering version 1.0, since all this time, since its genesis, was in Beta version (not yet finished). The great news, in addition to planning an official launch for mobile phones, is that the versions 0.5.24 and 0.5.26 have also just come out on Xbox One and Xbox One X, making the leap to consoles. It will be, at least for the near future, an exclusive Microsoft title.

On Xbox, you can buy online for $ 1200 at the Microsoft store, or receive it for free with the purchase of the Xbox One X. This version, which sold the incredible sum of 1 million copies in just two days, is still not very polished and the captivating PC gameplay is not reflected in the home systems. It has problems of framerates, of game mechanics and even the online platform has failures that generate more than one frustration. But it should be clarified that it is a preliminary release of an unfinished game, which in just eight days received a first update of many that will come.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG has it all. First or third person mode, a good level of realism in shooting mechanics (it is not easy to shoot or have system aids), a relatively short playing time, a well thought out map of the open world with dozens of different scenarios and the suspense that gives not knowing where the enemies are, or to what area the map will be reduced.

But above all things, it also has a huge potential as E-Sport, given that in addition to playing alone, you can enjoy pairs or teams of four participants, a modality that has already begun to be a success in the circuits of electronic sports with great interest from the big e-sports houses.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds popularized this exciting online mode Battle Royale, and several joined fashion. In PS4, and for now for free, you can enjoy the Fortnite Battle Royale, which emulates the PUBG game systems, but adds the possibility of building and destroying; in mobiles, there are several titles, among which Rules of Survival stands out, for Android and iOS, and it is even rumored that number one of the FPS in E-Sports, the Counter Strike itself, will have an update with a similar mode.