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Pokémon trading card game TCG ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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TCG Pokémon Online

Today we talk about Pokemon TCG Online also known as PTCGO, our acronym means Pokémon online trading card game, a digital game whose origin was the traditional collectible card. Thus, originally, this game consists of exchanging cards, and was digitized to make it available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, by the hand of the famous Dire Wolf Digital studio.

When the gamer wins one or several games, that is, he wins the opponent, the computer obtains a pack of reinforcement cards. Initially the game, it was known as Trainer Challenge, and in it, the player faces a series of characters proposed by the computer collected in groups in its database, as if they were the decks of real players. This form of play is the recommendation for the newest players, as it is the simplest of all. As a result, the game gets complicated and you acquire some skill.

In more difficult versions, such as Pokemon versus, human players compete against each other and not against the computer. It is a much more fun and rewarding game since they are real characters that are put as opponents. The player wins a pass or entry in the form of chips to enter the tournament; Versus points are earned in their victories that help win prizes on a scale that is updated every 3 weeks, and where you can redeem points.

Pokemon TCG Online has 4 game modes; In the Theme mode, the decks are thematic and are built to be used, the standard mode uses specific cards that are only admitted in this mode and that vary year after year, in the unlimited mode all the cards are allowed, but nevertheless, it is restricted to the fact that Pokémon can only be played in a battle of friends online, the last mode is the tournament in which 8 players are involved in 3 rounds after which they are eliminated.

If you win at least one battle, you are securing packages of reinforcement cards, which you can use in your Pokémon battles. In addition, you are winning tokens to buy items in the game store, such as important reinforcement cards or specific items to customize your avatar.

TCG Pokémon Download

You can download Pokémon TCG online through the link, and enjoy the game free. TCG Online is the Pokemon game really identical to the real-life trading card game. Thanks to its digitalization, and following the rules of the game, from the most novel they can play the tutorial, in which you can learn all the basic aspects necessary to start winning.

In Pokemon Trading Card Game Online you find hundreds of different cards, each of them has its own special attributes and specialties. By using many of the cards, you will be able to observe a spectacular three-dimensional animation, which makes their battles and battles really wonderful.