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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came to Xbox One a year ago as exclusive to the console. At the end of their contract, Microsoft put the game as a free download for a limited time.

When talking about Battle Royale, two games lead the main responses: Fortnite or PUBG. Both titles have grown a lot this last year, positioning themselves as the most played and most watched videogames on Internet streaming platforms.

Microsoft, as part of its marketing campaign, signed an exclusivity agreement for Bluehole to exclusively launch PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the Xbox One for one year. It was recently expired and the game would soon be available on the PlayStation 4, so the company used a special promotion for its users.

Tips to improve fast in PUBG on Xbox One

Adjust control

The best idea before getting into other areas is to adjust the control as it suits you best. PUBG is a game quite demanding as a shooter, and it is not easy to get hit with our shots, because there are no aids, weapons usually have a lot of recoil and projectiles with enough fall. Therefore, the first thing is that you also take advantage of your first games to make adjustments in the controls.

The sensitivity of each adjustment depends entirely on you, and it is better that you opt for the one that gives you the best result and the most comfortable you feel. But I think it is convenient that you opt for type B control, which is what allows you to aim keeping the LT button, as in most shooters.


This advice has to do in a certain way with the previous one. PUBG is a very demanding game and has quite different mechanics if you are a rookie in this battle royale; but first of all it is a shooter.

It is possible that you manage to win some games by killing few enemies, and there are even those who have managed to win without killing anyone and letting circumstances just do their job. But of course it is not likely that you win if you always try to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Hold your breath and roll

These two mechanics are not exclusive to PUBG, and we can find them in other games, but they are not the most common either. That’s why it’s also important to get used to them so that your shots are more effective.

In PUBG we have the possibility of holding your breath for a few seconds by pressing the LB button. By doing so your peephole will move less, offering you greater precision, and even if it is a short sight you will also make a small zoom.

Border the last circles

Getting between the 20 or 30 first players of each game is not so complicated if we have a bit of luck and we play intelligently. But from there, PUBG becomes more demanding.

There are players in any corner that can catch us unexpectedly. And also players in long distances armed with snipers that can take us out of the game in a small oversight. Nor is there a way that is better than another to face the last areas of the map, and once again depends on your preferences and the circumstances that occur in each game. But there are ways to try to optimize your possibilities.