New GTA expansion online After Hours and 7 brand new vehicles

This is the extension specializing in nightlife, where the amazing GTA 5 incorporates different famous real-life DJs, without forgetting the commercial battle mode of course.

These developments are given in the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA online with its expansion After Hours, which devotes to the world of night and treachery, with many new variants of game among other surprises; some we can anticipate that you will be surprised as they are their 7 new vehicles besides a new modality of territorial war, the commercial battles.

What is intended with the night club is that online GTA players live with this new expansion of the game give life beyond what is a night club where attendees do not leave the premises, since it is a cover for an authentic network of criminal companies that are directed from a kind of underground warehouse where contraband is kept.

After Hours gta

GTA players manage the staff of the nightclub and the equipment of the resident DJ, who will have to improve their image and perform accounting to generate profits. In addition to all this, the game provides fun activities such as dancing (with new movements), make a presence in the VIP area, serve drinks and make the celebrities come to have fun.

This nightclub store, as we have said, will be the focus where the technicians manage the illegal businesses and where the illegal goods that come from the methamphetamine laboratories are stored. To promote these businesses, Rockstar has 25% discounts on hangars and renovations, aircraft workshop, aircraft office, executive offices and renovations, executive garages, personal car workshops, motorcycle club venues, business referrals to the bikes.

As a novelty of the nightclub store, the online GTA has Vapid Speedo that can be fully customized. In this way, there are large vehicles for more complicated and risky deliveries, such as the case of personalized Maibatsu Mule and the MTL Pounder with a 40% discount. Other new vehicles that include the online game is the Dinka Jester Classic (Legendary Motorsport), Ocelot Swinger (Legendary Motorsport), Limousine Mammoth Patriot (Southern San Andreas Super Cars) and the Festival Bus (Southern San Andreas super cars)