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If you want to start playing the popular game Minecraft for PC, IOS, Android or other device, maybe at the beginning it is not so simple, although it seems. In this “pixelated” construction game, players can embark on creating any type of construction using three-dimensional cubes and can explore the environment, collect resources and create objects with different utilities that you will achieve in order you will explore the game, fight against creatures (mobs) or fight against other players.

It is very important to mention that the appearance of different independent game servers with different modifications, game modes, specific worlds and different rules of the game is what make this game so attractive.

One of the biggest benefits that Minecraft offers is that it can be played by both adults and children and provides the same entertainment. If you like Minecraft and you want to play with your friends, you can choose the version of Minecraft online Multiplayer with which you will be able to enjoy this new game, the steps for its use are very simple and the fun is extreme.

Discover all the possibilities offered by Minecraft.

Minecraft Tutorial

If you are new and want to play Minecraft, we have a series of tricks and tips to take your first steps in the game safely. We guide you in your first game so that you learn the necessary controls and some essential actions to survive the first night.

You have decided to take the step and download Minecraft and install this well-known game on your computer or video game console. It is a wise decision, and that is that this popular title in the whole world has hours and hours of fun. It is practically inexhaustible once you get your operation, although you must first take your first steps.

Its appearance may seem simple, but do not let the pixels fool you. The game Minecraft is a complex game with many options, both within a game and outside of them. You can choose a world created at random or build it by yourself, hence the works of art circulating on the Internet built with the blocks of this game.

Minecraft is an open world game and it is also a Sandbox game. That is, it has practically no limitations. You can play to be god by shaping the maps as you like, playing in survival and role mode. The limit you put you and your imagination and here in ft.appteam10 we will teach you how you can play it so that in the end you become an expert in the game Minecraft.

Start playing Minecraft: create an account

Whether you have already decided to buy Minecraft or if you are going to play the demo, the first step of this guide is to create a Mojang account, a developer of the game. You can do it directly from your web page with an active email.

Once you receive the confirmation email, click on the attached link and go directly to the Minecraft account creation window. In it you have to choose the username you want to use and the password of your account.

Then the server directs you to the links to download Minecraft to your computer – if you play from this support – where you will find the installation files of the launcher.

Download the one that corresponds to your operating system and execute it once you have finished. Within the window that opens, you can create additional profiles in the button that appears in the lower left area. To launch the game, click on the Play button.

Play your first test game

In the initial screen of Minecraft you will understand the reason of this guide. There are always several options, so several tips are necessary before you start playing. First you see three different modes: Minecraft player, Minecraft multiplayer and Minecraft realms.

The best way to take your first steps is to do it as a single player, thus avoiding having to deal with other more expert users. If you select this mode, several more will appear that you can choose.

Since you have not created a world yet, you will have to choose Create a new world. To this scenario you must name it and start the game by clicking on the Minecraft Creative Mode button, also known as God Mode. Otherwise you will start it in survival.

This is the best way to get started in Minecraft as a self-learning tutorial, since you do not suffer hostile NPC attacks and can freely move around the map, it’s no trick. The rest of the additional options are not recommended in your first games.

If you want, once you have done with the controls you can return to this screen and play in Minecraft Survival. So you will test the world that you have created in the Minecraft Creative Mode or directly generate one using your algorithm.

The rest is just practice and many days of trying this new game in order to become the king of your own world.