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Minecraft died on Apple TV, as they removed it from the device

Minecraft is a mass phenomenon on almost every platform on which it is available. Except, it seems, in Apple’s. And we are not talking precisely about the iPhone or iPad, but the Apple set-top-box from which Microsoft has announced that it will withdraw the game permanently, although purchases that have been made within the game will remain in the accounts of their respective users

The issue is that since its introduction, the fourth generation Apple TV and its replacement of 4K have been focused by Apple.

For the consumption of content and games, and there is no presentation of the company that does not want to emphasize that section. At least from the audience to which the device is intended.

However, it has never reached, by far, the levels of games that are available on iOS, even though any developer can easily make their titles compatible. So if you want to play Minecraft through this media, you cannot do it anymore.

Why has Microsoft made such a decision that affects many customers in this platform?

The decision of Microsoft is, also, somewhat strange, although it has an explanation. There are smaller platforms where it is available, and of course, Microsoft has not announced its withdrawal, but the company points out that, given the limited number of players, the truth is that Redmond does not pay attention to keep this version.

Minecraft, like it or not, is one of the most successful games of all time, and its withdrawal by the Apple TV App Store is a turning point in the platform of Apple regarding video games is concerned, despite that the Cupertino continually strive to represent the set-top-box as a competent gaming platform.

Goodbye to Minecraft on Apple

Minecraft users on Apple TV devices have received a message stating that this version of the title will no longer receive support and consequently will no longer be updated. Users can still use the receiver to play Minecraft, but it is no longer possible to download this version from the App Store.

Those who consider that their experience is not as expected due to lack of support can request a refund of items purchased during the last 90 days. The abandonment of Minecraft on Apple TV is effective since last September 24, but it seems that no one noticed until now.