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Learn to behave well in League of Legends

When you arrive at a new place you must find out what is the correct way to behave. This is true in real life and also in the virtual world of video games. Without going any further, League of Legends has its own rules of behavior to help make the experience of all users, both the most experienced and those who come close to League of Legends for the first time, satisfactory.

All users of League of Legends must know the Code of the Summoner, which limits what is a positive behavior inside and outside the Fields of Justice. It consists of six points that we detail below:

1. Play as a team, win as a team

In League of Legends is extremely difficult to beat a coordinated team. No matter how well you think you are playing at the individual level, blaming others and refusing to cooperate with your teammates will give your opponents an advantage.

2. Do not get angry, blame or insult other players

We all had difficult games in which we were at a disadvantage, in which they did not stop ambushing us or in which we failed an easy Crush. Try to prevent others from feeling this way and inform those who behave in this way.

lol honor
Behave well in League of Legends

3. Get allies in the Crack

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. So, why do not you send a friend request to someone you’ve enjoyed while on your team? Entering into battle with allies makes you win more games and the defeats are not so frustrating.

4. Never let you be killed on purpose or give up

Avenging your team by letting you kill on purpose or helping the opposing team is not fair play. Keep your mind cold if you go behind, do not give up and always do the best you can.

5. Give an example to new players and give them your help

Never forget the emotion you felt the first time you stepped on the Summoner’s Crack. Do not mess with the new users who are still learning or advise them to stop playing. Help them get up when they stumble.

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6. Do not share your account information with anyone

Sharing your account information with a friend can cause it to be stolen or you receive a suspension for a negative behavior by another person. And, eye, logging into third-party websites with information from the League of Legends account also exposes you to having your account stolen.

Follow the Letter of the Summoner to the letter and help the rest of the community comply with it. Together they can make League of Legends a better place.