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League of legends: tips to be a better ADC

Platinum level player tells us how to improve in this difficult role to perfect.

In League Of Legends, any team needs a good attack damage carry (or ADC) to be able to cause a decent amount of damage in the final minutes of the game. Therefore, having someone who knows how to play this role is crucial to have a chance to win. And if you like to play ADC, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Learn to play mechanically. If you play ADC have you learn to play well mechanically. By this I mean optimizing your actions to have the potential to overcome your opponents and make sure you do damage without dying. There are two things that you have to learn without discussion: kite and position yourself.

Kitear (a word that comes from “kite”, kite in English) is the action of moving while you use auto attacks during your movements. That is, you click to move backward, click on the enemy champion, and so on. In this way, thanks to the fact that when playing ADC you are a champion with rank, you can keep away from your opponent and keep hurting him constantly. YOU HAVE to learn how to do this. Either with the “move move” button (default set to “A”) or doing it manually as I explained.

Learning to position yourself not only requires a high level of knowledge of the game but also a high level of skill, since not only do you have to know to stand in a safe place but you also have to keep yourself safe when all the enemy team I’ll pull you over. You have to know how to interact with your support and your team in general, so they can help you defend against enemy attacks and, at the same time, continue to damage them. Why…

adc lol

Do not forget what your goal is as an ADC

This is to do as much damage as possible without dying during teamfight. And here is the big mistake of many ADC low leagues. Almost all the players of Lol know that it is necessary to focus on the ADC and the mid, but many ADC fall into this trap and try to focus too, staying in a bad position that ends unfailingly with his death.

Therefore, NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, try to focus as ADC. Concentrate always on killing what you have at your fingertips even if it is the tank. Harming what you have in front of you and trying to survive while doing it is your main objective. Focus leave it to your killer and your bruiser.

adc league of legendsAdapt your arsenal. You are not always with the same runes, masters and objects of the store: always adapt to the situation. This is important in all the lines, not only of ADC, but in this role it is CRUCIAL. Why? Because you’re generally going to be armed with almost every item that hurts, and you’re going to need those magic resistance bonuses or armor from your runes. So my recommendation here is that you try to have several pages of runes, one for each situation.

The situations I am talking about are: Vs Heavy AP, Vs heavy AD, Vs balanced damage and let’s say “Vs nothing special, I just want more damage”.

As for the items, I cannot give you a guide as it depends on each game, but always try to think how to counteract the enemies that are feedeados or are a threat. If they have a Talon 10-0, you will have to take out Guardian Angel or Cota de Espinas. If it is a Syndra, the Mercurial or the Hextrinker. Adaptate to the game you are playing and do not repeat your build always.

Do not think you’re “Gosu”: Except that you’re in the Challenger, you will not be able to do 1v5, no matter how much feedeado you are. Sometimes it can go well, but MANY will end up very badly. Especially if you are in the last moments of the game. Always try to play with your team and communicate with them when you think you have to fight some goal.

Never be alone the best for the end, some say, but in this case I keep the most important thing for the closing of the note. Because you never have to be alone. When you go to farmear, to accompany your support, and when you are in the jungle, make sure you have vision, since this is one of the most common mistakes of a little experienced ADC. Always make sure you are with someone from your team and you will see how you stop being trapped by the enemy, which can be key to improving your level of play.

And these are my ADC tips. Remember that you do not always win and what you need to communicate with your team to win, do not insult and have fun in the Summoner’s Rift!