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League of Legends – Everything you need to know about League of Legends

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League of Legends is a very popular game, with millions of players around the world. Its fame has consolidated it as one of the most important sports and attracts more public. However, there are many people who have not wanted to take the step of trying it.

If among your proposals for this 2018 is learning to play League of Legends or discover what it is, here is a brief guide for beginners with everything you need to know to play your first game.

The first thing you have to know is that League of Legends is a MOBA, where we choose a champion with different skills to face another team. It has several maps or game modes, although the main one and the one that is played competitively is the Summoner’s Rift, where he fights five against five.

Goal of the game

The games of League of Legends could be eternal, but usually tend to be between 25 and 40 minutes. The map is divided by a huge river that divides it into two, the same roads in both.

league of legends game

Each team has a base, where there is a Nexus. The objective of the game is to defend your Nexus and destroy the opponent’s. For this we have to help our troops, controlled by the AI, to destroy the enemy fortress.

The three streets or lines that connect both Nexos and where the minions move have two outer towers, one that protects the entrance and two more that protect the Nexus. In total each team has 11 towers.

In addition to these fortifications, which attack the enemy when it is in range, there are inhibitors, which are located between the towers at the entrance of the base and the Nexus.

Destroying it will make us automatically recruit supersubjects, a new, much stronger and more resistant troop with which to face the destruction of the rival Nexus. For this we have to destroy the towers of a line progressively, while we move with our minions.


League of Legends has hundreds of different champions, each with a different story, game style and abilities.

There are characters that attack melee, others at a distance, some that resist more damage or even damage that they do with skills. Try several in your first games until you discover which one suits your style best.

All players start with their champion at level 1, choosing one of the three basic skills that the character has. In addition to the basic skills, the champions have a passive ability and a definite ability.

The passive skill is characteristic of the champion and it is not necessary to spend skill points to learn it. However, the ultimate skill is unlocked at level 6.

lol champions
League of Legends Champions


Although experience helps us level up, the objects serve to considerably increase the attributes of our champion. Any champion, in general, can buy any object, but not all objects have utility for all champions.

For example, a champion who does most of his damage with basic hits will have to buy items that improve damage, critical impact and attack speed.

However, if our champion is more focused on doing damage with the skills, then we will have to buy items that improve the power of ability and the reduction of cooling.

During the first games it is recommended that you follow the preferences set by the game in terms of objects, in order to gradually become familiar with them.

lol map
LOL map positions


Although the games are usually focused on the streets or lines, the Summoner’s Rift has a jungle. This area is a neutral space that unites the different streets and where different monsters live that will only attack us if we do it first.

The jungle is a good area to move and corral a rival that is involved in a combat in numerical inferiority. Although this is a double-edged tactic that it can also happen to you.

In the jungle, neutral monsters act like minions, granting experience and gold to those who kill them.

However, there are two special monsters, the colossus and the igneous ancestor, that grant a bonus of a few minutes, either recovering mana and decreasing the reduction of cooling or improving damage and slowing down with basic attacks.


In the first games is not something so important, but as you go up the level of League of Legends positions are basic if we want to win a game. The players are divided as follows: one to the upper street (toplaner), one to the central street (midlaner), two to the lower street (AD Carry and support) and the fifth to the jungle (jungle). Each position has very defined the type of champions. Typically, the toplaner is a tank, while the midlaner opts for a magic damage character.