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How to get free money in GTA

The central theme of Grand Theft Auto V is, according to Rockstar’s own words, the search for the almighty dollar. Unlike previous deliveries, in Grand Theft Auto Online there are no tricks to earn GTA dollars. And the reason is very simple: Rockstar gives all kinds of facilities to obtain gambling currency through its activities and even the possibility of buying it through real money.

Money rules, and the hardworking residents strive to indulge in fancy luxury by earning GTA money through theft, robberies, careers and other profitable activities. That way they can enjoy life in luxury apartments, with expensive clothes, accessories, weapons and other symbols of high status.

Why? There are ways to trick the game that really discourages you. Especially since Rockstar itself has taken drastic measures with those who have used systems that disarm the balance of the game.

The importance of missions

It may seem trivial, but it is the most effective way to get familiar with the game’s controls and learn the map. The determining factors in the face of remuneration depend on the player level we have in the specific moment of you are gaming, the level of our skills and how long it takes to carry them out. The degree of difficulty affects the reward, but it will be useless to try to obtain the maximum amount of GTA dollars if in the end we end up failing. In addition, GTA Online rewards success with extra players, so it is highly recommended to be part of a team.

GTA’s most lucrative missions

The hits

The Blows would be a series of chained missions designed for four cooperative players. In essence, each Coup is composed of a series of assaults and robberies spread throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, and the tasks to be solved include hacking, infiltration, precise driving, air combat, sniper, parachuting.

The advantage is that they are well paid. But, of course, in return it is practically obligatory to have a minimum of preparation or previous planning and to have a good communication to cut off unforeseen events. In addition, if we play each Blow from different perspectives of the action and complete the elite challenges we will get extra money.

Convert cars into cash

The name of the Grand Theft Auto series comes from far behind, as well as the habit of converting cars into hard cash. Beyond the orders that you make, if you see any of these vehicles circulating or end up riding in any of them, do not miss the opportunity to convert them into GTA dollars.

If you end up behind the wheel of a high-value car at Los Santos Customs, they will be happy to make an offer for you. There is a timeframe between deliveries, which should be studied if we are interested in carrying a $ 1,500 Albany Washington GTA or use it to find a $ 7,000 Albany Cavalcade GTA. In the end it depends on the type of investment you want to make later.