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How to download Tik Tok

Tik Tok is much more than an application, it is a social network in which people publish their small homemade videos to make them known among their friends. In them, small jokes or talents of various kinds are generally shown. Today you can download tik tok on your pc, you just have to follow the following steps that we explain:

Downloading Tik Tok on the PC is free and does not require great computer skills, just have a brief to enjoy this application on your PC.

Tik Tok is so much fun that you will spend hours watching his videos, and reading his comments. These are short videos that you can publish publicly or for viewing only by your friends and acquaintances. Many people publish a video in which the result is not given, thus it becomes more popular, and once it reaches the fans it expects a new video is published in response.

This is the fashion application, much more popular than other well known, surpassing the 3 most used in number of downloads in recent months; It is ideal for watching short videos of music, dancing or everyday things.

How to download Tik Tok

Now you can download TikTok ( for PC (including Mac), or for your mobile, either Android or iOS.

  • Tik Tok for PC; You just have to download the application from your PC and follow the instructions provided by the official page.
    First you must convert your pc into a smartphone, and to install Bluestacks to install Apple Store or PlayStore to search for the Tik Tok application. Remember that you do not need to install any application, since Tiktok has a web platform to use this APP without the need for downloads.
  • Tik Tok for Android or iOS mobile: from your mobile you must access Play Store or App Store and do the search for Tik Tok, download and open the application.

As you can see the steps to download are simple, so you will not have any more complications when you want to enjoy the fashion application, where you can also access the most popular videos.