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How to download Pokémon Go for iOS

One of the things that will be remembered for 2016 is undoubtedly one of the most successful mobile videogame launches. Evidently we speak of Pokémon GO that both in Spain and in the rest of the world has caused furor. We cannot forget how we could see thousands of people on the streets with their mobile phones in their hands trying to get as many pokemons.

This furor lasted a fairly high amount of time and is that even so, there are still people who want to continue playing Pokémon Go. If you have an iOS mobile, here we will show you how you can install the game on your Smartphone. Not at all these steps are difficult, but if you must follow them exactly so that you can achieve the task of having this game on your mobile successfully.

Pokémon Go on iOS has been a complete success

It is difficult that you do not already know what it consists of: it uses augmented reality so that through the smartphone you can see pokemons in the real world that you will have to catch so that they are part of your Pokédex, which is what is called the collection of these bugs. When you have one nearby the phone vibrates and can be a Charmander, a Pikachu, a Blastoise, a Snorlax …

How to catch a Pokémon?

When your iPhone goes hysterical then it focuses the camera towards the Pokémon. Aim well and throw the pokéball to catch it. You will have a color code that will tell you your chances of winning him … in case you feel like not losing the ball.

The ideal is that you are always practicing and documenting yourself so that you can be successful when catching your pokemons. In fact, there are both online and mobile maps where you can see where they are located as well as a wearable: Pokémon GO Plus, which allows you to take them without having to carry your mobile.

Main features of Pokémon Go on iOS

  • It works with real maps of Google Maps, so its location on the map coincides with reality.
  • It integrates the so-called Pokestops that are unique locations that allow to know monuments, historical places or museums, among other places.
  • Train and evolve your pokemons in gyms.
  • Form teams of players and morbid virgins all together.
  • Virtual store where you can buy objects with the game’s coins.
  • Get different rewards.
  • Level up and gain experience as you catch these bugs.
  • Exclusive and legendary creatures.

What are the exclusive and legendary Pokemons?

Well there are several because it turns out that there are some that can only be found in certain regions of the planet: Tauros in North America, Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch’d in Asia or Kangaskhan in Australia.

At the same time there are others that have not been unlocked: Articuno, Ditto, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Mewtwo.

Cheats to hunt Pokémon? Be careful, you can finish banned

Well, there are different applications such as the maps that we talked about earlier and that connect with the application to see where they are located. But boy, this is like going on a graphic adventure with the game guide on the side … Ah! Wait, if you’re thinking about playing this you should not know what a graphic adventure is. In short, they were games of old people.

On the other hand are the applications that distort the location of the GPS causing you to appear in the fifth pine if necessary to catch those who are there? But the truth is that if in Niantic they detect a strange behavior they take you out of the game. Yes, you should think that this is very important.

Download Pokémon Go on iOS

If you’ve already convinced yourself that you want to have the game on your iOS Smartphone, then you should follow these simple steps:

1. You must go to the iOS store in the search engine to enter Pokémon Go.

2. You must give in download to proceed to include the game in you Smartphone.

3. You must wait a few minutes for the game to be completely downloaded so you can play.

4. Once downloaded the game, you must open the same and enter the data that they ask you to start playing. Within that data is an email, a nickname and your avatar, and you’re ready to enjoy the most wanted game of augmented reality.