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How to download Minecraft

Minecraft is an independent construction video game, “open world” type. In Minecraft, players can make free constructions by cubes (blocks) with three-dimensional textures; also the player can explore the entire the environment, collect resources and create objects with different utilities, fight creatures or other players, etc. It is a game that promotes creativity, collaboration and solving problems in an immersed environment where the only limit is your imagination.

The launch date of this game was November 18, 2011; this game despite not having a very technological resolution, the game helps people to raise their creativity and make the best constructions that are why the game has had so much demand for discharge.

Minimum requirements for its operation

Really the game Minecraft does not have a high demand in the system, but if you want to play without any complication, the ideal is that you have an operating system: Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 of 32 & 64 Bits, in addition you must have an Intel P4 / NetBurst processor or its equivalent in AMD (AMD K7), a 2GB RAM memory, an Intel GMA 950 graphics card or its equivalent in AMD, and a hard disk of at least 90 MB for sound and game files.

In addition to be able to play Minecraft you will need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or higher to be able to run the game. We remind you that Java can not be downloaded with Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or other Internet browsers. You can only do it with Internet Explorer.

Instructions to download the game

The first thing you must do to run the game is to have Java installed, as you mentioned above, you can only do it through Internet Explorer unless you have a driver in your hands. Next, you must unzip the game and run the launcher so you can install the game.

It should be noted that once you open the game, you will have all the versions that it has, so it is up to you to choose the version that you like so that you can later download it.

After having followed these steps you can simply enjoy your game, which you can do in two survival modes which is played online and you must defend your territory and creative mode where you can make your skills under construction go to its maximum expression and so you can be prepared to go to survival mode.

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