GTA Online: You can have new vehicles and a special bonus when booking Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are a lover of GTA, Rockstar Games presents the weekly news for the multiplayer mode of this game with new rewards and cars in Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the new features for GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, with new inventory in Southern San Andreas Super Autos, GTA $ bonus offers for Red Dead Redemption 2 booking, double GTA $ and RP in the Adversary (Remix) modes and much more.

Meet the new bonuses and discounts

This week there are plenty of opportunities to make money in Los Santos: 300,000 GTA $ bites and double the rewards in the Adversary modes (Remix) In addition, the inventory of Southern San Andreas Super Autos brings some new features, including new covers and options of modification and discounts in bestsellers like the Dinka Jester Classic and much more.

Also, all players who have reserved any digital edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 before October 15 can get a bonus of 1,000,000 GTA $ just for playing GTA Online this week.

GTA $ bonus and bodi unlocking

Play GTA Online anytime until October 15 to earn 300,000 GTA $ and instantly unlock the green mesh bodi. The GTA $ bonus will be deposited into your Maze Bank checking account before October 22.

You can also have double rewards opportunities with the challenges of the stone hatchet and the double action revolver now split twice. If you have already completed them, play GTA Online at any time of the week to receive the bonus of 250,000 GTA $.

If you didn’t probe to play this game yet, do it this week to get a bonus of 250,000 GTA $ upon completion and a second of the same amount the following week.

Not to mention that the owners of a nightclub can get double the income. Empty your safe to keep the money running.

Bonus for booking Red Dead Redemption 2

Last but not least, players who book any digital edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation Store and the Xbox store before October 15 can win a GTA $ 1,000,000 bonus if they play GTA Online on any time this week. Those players who have already done so can also get the bonus just by playing GTA Online before October 15th. The deposit will be made in Maze Bank accounts from October 16 and before the 22 of the same month.