GTA Online: New Transforms Races and news for the Creator

A new world of creative possibilities comes to GTA Online with the new and extensive update of the Creator, which adds new vehicles, accessories, weather options and much more. In addition to having a greater limit of accessories, now you can create your own Target Assault Races, aquatic circuits full of traps and jump control points for Transform Races. This has been presented by Rockstar through the traditional weekly updates of the popular GTA V multiplayer mode.

7 new Transform Races

If you need inspiration and want to earn a little extra GTA $, play in one of the seven new Transforms Races created by Rockstar and get double GTA $ and RP until June 11.

Cross channels: yes, you can activate the turbo of your hypermoto in jumps, rings and tubes to make it look easy, but can you face the Vespucci channels? Sometimes obstacles of natural origin (rusty carts, IBF ex-formers, burning debris from flying cars and amphibious quads) are the most difficult.

Transform Races GTA
Transform races GTA online

Size matters: there is nothing more exciting than zigzagging between the blocks of apartments in the center of Los Santos with a jetpack, nothing more exciting than flying a delta-wing military bomber or anything more disturbing than going quickly from one of those two vehicles the other.

Grotti Circuit: Grotti, the Italian supercar manufacturer that does not tolerate bad publicity very well, brings you this fierce hurricane of jetpacks, vintage cars and vintage cars that crosses the heart of Los Santos at full speed. Even the burning remains left behind are green, white and red.

Head down: it’s funny what disorientation does: when you go through an inverted control point after another in a hunt you get the impression that you’re stuck in a long, winding tunnel, dodging running fans without having any idea of ​​the vehicle you’re piloting . Do not worry, I’m sure you’ll discover it very soon.

Evolution: technology does not stop improving, but will you be able to keep up? Yes, your classic old sports car still serves you, and you could even drive an improved stock car, but that damn utility is going to give you problems, and as for the hypercar … Yes, you’re not prepared.

Tugboat: This rule is as old as high-speed racing: never throw yourself from the sky on a rusty tugboat with a full stomach, or something like that. Actually it does not matter, because you’re going to do it yes or yes.

Remolino II: there was a time when, if you asked any civilized person if he liked to go around at high speed and hundreds of meters above the Pacific, he assumed that, logically, you wanted to join the high-flying club. However, in these times you do not mean to do it on a plane.

GTA race mode
New transforming vehicle race mode

Celebrate the kingly sport with 250,000 GTA $

The competition of the king sport is very close. Although the best players of our teams, such as Los Santos Benders and Liberty City Beavers, did not qualify for the big tournament, the citizens of Los Santos can still celebrate the occasion. Log in to GTA Online at any time from now until June 11 to register and opt for a special GTA $ celebration bonus; Then he returns after June 14 to receive a bonus of 250,000 GTA $. All GTA $ will appear in your Maze Bank account before June 18.

Discounts on vehicles

Summer is fast approaching, and you cannot let it catch you driving through the city in a tartana. Luckily for you, some of the most exclusive vehicles will be on sale in the coming days and during the next week. In addition, three favorite vehicles of the fans will be on sale throughout the week.