Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is the great bet of Rockstar in the multiplayer mode. After having begun to accumulate experience with previous titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, GTA Online demonstrates, at least in theory, all its potential, and what is almost a game completely apart from GTA V, but included in the same disc, promises to have a great future, although not so difference for its present. GTA Online takes the player to the more open world that has seen a multiplayer title that is not an MMORPG, and does it well, but can do much better in the future.

Create your story in Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest bet in the history of Rockstar Games. The development of this title had a cost of more than 260 million dollars, figure that in just one day had already exceeded sales, making several world records in revenue and marketing, and simply becoming one of the most important games of the last decade, and perhaps, the game of this generation.

As we noted in our detailed review, GTA V is worthy of our applause and cheers, an impeccable video game with dozens of hours of content, and with a spectacular story and very funny. Rockstar assured that GTA Online would be at the height of GTA V, its “matrix game”, so to speak, but unfortunately it has not fulfilled its promise, although this is not necessarily bad.

Grand Theft Auto Online was Rockstar’s big ambition, bringing the GTA V experience to multiplayer mode like no other developer of an open-world game had dared. Yes, Saints Row allows you to play your games cooperatively, but it is not the same. In GTA Online we have the same huge map of GTA V, so that our unique character meets 15 other players in the same session, and they can create their own story.

While in GTA V are Michael, Franklin and the glorious Trevor who guide us through their lives as thugs in an incredible adventure, in GTA Online, a game that is temporarily located before the GTA V events, you must create your own story, you must accumulate experience, make yourself with a great reputation in the world of crime, and obtain goods and fame, with a lot of money, in the company of other thugs like you.

Great story

This is what I have enjoyed the most of GTA Online, as it allows each one to create their own story and at the same time develops some racing games of cars, motorcycles, boats, skydiving or deathmatchs (typical battles to death that already we had seen in games like Max Payne 3), you can do it your way.

For example, I am a fan of the television series Sons of Anarchy, and together with a friend we decided to found a “motorcyclist club“, with leather jackets and only using chopper-type bikes. Getting into your character walking the streets and motorways of Los Santos on a motorcycle, while talking through a headset, is part of the magic of GTA Online. Arriving by motorcycle at a small gas station, stealing the attendant and escaping from the police (although in a GTA the motorcycle is always at a disadvantage against a car), it’s like my friend and I create our own history. Everyone can do it however they want, gangsters, mobsters like the Sopranos, or you can simply tour the city of Los Santos alone, reach the dock where the amusement park is, and watch the sunset with your character as he takes a beer. It’s a role-playing game on an incredibly huge map, and together with some friends it creates a great experience.

Bad start

However, although the game in theory promises a lot, its beginnings have been terrible. GTA Online has offered many headaches to players, to the point that the character that I created during the first week of life of this modality (was released on October 1, two weeks after the release of GTA V), disappeared after the first update, and my case is not the only one, many players expressed their annoyance through forums and social networks. Take into account that this means lost hours of playing.