Game system of the latest version

Rockstar Games wanted to change the gameplay of GTA V compared to previous deliveries. On this occasion the company combined the fluid movements of the Red Dead Redemption game, such as running or covering, and the effects of the Max Payne 3 game as the bullet time, for that first person feeling in a third person game. Also, they changed the mechanics of driving with his predecessor: after having heard the complaints and claims of his fans, the company wanted to offer a new way of driving sensation. Previously, with GTA IV, the cars seemed to float and when they turned, they were loaded on one side. In GTA V driving is like in racing games, more fluid and simple.

In the lower right corner, you can access any of the three characters. First, you can access to Franklin, then to Michael and then to Trevor. The supposed fourth character is the one used in online multiplayer mode. Above each character you can see their statistics: special, resistance (running, swimming, cycling, etc.), shooting, strength, stealth, flight, driving and lung capacity (the “Special” is changed by the progress of the level in online multiplayer).

In the lower left corner is the mini map. In this installment it was changed compared to previous deliveries. Thus, the mini map is rectangular, simulating a GPS. The view changes depending on how the player moves, on foot, by plane or by car. Under the mini map there are bars that will indicate life, armor and special ability. 4 years after its launch, in 2017, it was discovered that the game housed a spectacular military enclosure that had not been discovered until then.

The police response system changed in allusion to its predecessor, since the police will arrive at the place where the player has committed a certain crime and will be wanted to be arrested. To do this, the map shows a point or a rotating cross (if they arrive by helicopter) flashing red and blue which will also be accompanied by a cone that represents its visual range. If the player is within his range of vision, he will immediately alert all patrols and police units nearby. As in the other titles in the series, the search level is determined by stars, in this case up to five and depending on the place, either in the city or in the county the player will be attacked with more severe police forces (which include not only the conventional police forces but also the FIB and the United States Army that has a base in Fort Zancudo in this game) and their persistence to be found will be greater when receiving more stars.