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Five tips to become a League of Legends professional

League of Legends is a game that changes a lot depending on the level of the ten that the Crack is. It is not the same as a solo game with a friend with whom you can coordinate and, in the same way, it is not when you have your team with four other players who only care about you. In each of these stages, although the game is essentially the same, the games are very different. Therefore, if you want to reach the professional level, here we leave you a couple of tips for you to practice these days.

Learn to play as a team

The most important thing when it comes to wanting to take the leap at a professional level is to know that League of Legends is a team game, where you have to trust your teammates and you have to earn their trust. Communicate as much as you can, even if it’s only with the ping on the minimap. The more information your team has, the more control over the game.

You will always be able to improve

Do not think that reaching a professional level is the roof. You will always have someone who will overcome you, so you always have to train to improve yourself. Even the best players in the world know that they really are not the best and that they will always have to overcome.

Control the minimap

The minimap is, for many high-level players and coaches, the key to League of Legends. You can understand everything that happens in the game with the movements you see in the minimap. If you follow the movements of your rivals, you can guess what they are going to do and overtake them, achieving goals and catching them by surprise.

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Glory is achieved with defeats

If you want to be in the top of the mountain you have to be effort and it is impossible for you to arrive undefeated. Conquests are the best lessons that you will find in League of Legends. You have to analyze what you are doing wrong and where you can progress, focus on it and try not to trip over the same stone twice.

What do you want to be?

League of Legends positions are essential and any player must choose which one he will play. Once you know it, give your best in each game and show why your teammates should choose you next time to play with them. If you have done well, you will surely have a friendly invitation when you win, or even defeat.