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Everything you need to know about PUBG

Surely you’ve been hearing about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for a long time, also known as PUBG. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of 2017 and threatens to return to occupy many hours in our games of 2018. At this point there may still be people who do not know what is PUBG. For all of them we have prepared this guide.

Where can you play PUBG?

At the moment, only PC and Xbox One users can enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game is available through Steam and Microsoft Store at a price of 29’99 euros. There are rumors that a version for PlayStation 4 will also be released soon, but for now there is no official confirmation.

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Things you should not do in a game of PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is one of the most successful massive multiplayer shooter of recent times. In PUBG, up to 100 players can participate at the same time and they have to try to survive on a desert island. In this guide we are going to give you some advice on 9 things that you should not do in a game of PUBG so that later you do not get upset.

In our previous PlayerUnknown’s Battleground guides you will find information on how to survive on the island, but now we are going to explain to you how you should not play the multiplayer shooter so that they do not kill you and that your virtual body ends up in a ditch.

1. Running outdoors

If you want to be an easy flank, go ahead, set yourself a Forrest Gump in PUBG, but most likely you end up in the arena. The players are on the lookout and will not miss the slightest opportunity to aim at the moving target.

2. Enter buildings with the door open

It may be tempting to enter a building that has its doors open, but in PUBG this means that another player has been there and they have collected all the loot, but also that it may be near the building to detect you.

If you have good aim, you can try to approach with stealth and place a trap to get the attention of the enemy and kill him. If you are quite new in this type of games, better to go through this plan and try to get resources in another way.

3. Enter buildings with the door closed

Like buildings with open doors, buildings with closed doors are suspect because it means that a player has been there and has closed the door to confuse us. During that time, he will have made the best booty and could be inside. The closed doors in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are deadly traps and you only have to access those buildings if you are absolutely sure that there is no one inside or near.

4. Do not enter any building

It is absolutely essential to enter buildings, whether the doors are open or not. Yes, we just told you to be careful, but inside there are juicy treasures: weapons, armor, backpacks … You will need all these resources and many more to survive on the battlefield. Try to be cautious and have good aim to get out unscathed.

5. Do not mute the chat

99 players talking at the same time and fighting it between them will not be pleasant at all. If you thought you had seen everything with Call of Duty, it was because you had not played anything like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground before. Disconnect the chat to obtain silence and to concentrate better.

6. Let yourself be dragged by the electric force field

One of the features that PUBG takes from the Battle Royale is that its playable area is shrinking with time. You have to be careful with the electric cloud that will sweep the map every so often because if it catches you in the middle, it will cause damage to anyone who is nearby and gets trapped for two seconds.

Avoid at all costs approaching the borders of the storm because it is a very popular area for snipers seeking to kill players who want to reach a safe place before the storm.

7. Cars are tempting, but too colorful

There are seven types of vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, stay away from them. They make noise, they are easy to detect and difficult to hide. If you get one, the players will be aware of your presence and will not help you survive. Good thing, they are a clue to know if there are other players nearby.

8. Do not start a fight that you will not be able to finish

This advice for PUBG is logical, but it is worth remembering it so that you do not fade. If you have a machete and a tatty gun, you are not prepared to assault a building that is surrounded by four enemies. It’s easy to get carried away by adrenaline and want to attack relentlessly, but patience and preparation will be your best allies in PlayerUnknown Battleground. Find the necessary weapons and the perfect team to be victorious.