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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition – Minecraft

Using its overwhelming success on PC, Minecraft reaches mobile phones and tablets. The developers have adapted it to the specificities of smartphones and touch screens. It is perfect to immerse yourself in the cubic universe of a mythical game. Notice to players with creative spirit: this game is made for you.

An absolute classic of survival and creativity

The Minecraft Pocket Edition game scenario is generated randomly. The character is in a chaotic land in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mountains, valleys, trees and other animals. In survival mode, you must hurry more to achieve the objective as the sun sets. The monsters appear and try to devour you. Surviving the outdoors is impossible. To spend your first night refugee, you must dig or build a shelter and improve your domains as you go ensuring basic survival. In creative mode, the absence of limits will allow you to give free rein to the most crazy ideas.

What do you want to build a castle, a ship or a cathedral? The sky is the limit!

A well-designed game system for mobile devices

Collect wood, coal, stones … the menu * Inventory * allows you to build everything that goes through your head: wooden boards, tools, etc. When you have discovered the secrets of the very compact gameplay of this survival simulation, you will be in a position to create very interesting settlements and give free rein to creativity. With a game system well thought out for touch screens, you can do everything you want without problems once the learning time is over. It is an excellent adaptation, especially when there are several options that allow you to adjust the parameters as you want depending on the device you use. It’s an adaptation so faithful that even now you can change your skins, like the original Minecraft.

In this sense, Minecraft Pocket Edition is regularly updated with new content and fixes as it happens with its PC version. Mojang is adding more monsters, animals, objects and surprises of all kinds that extend the duration of the game to infinity. For example, the latest update includes squid, more types of spiders, bats, zombie babies, edible clown fish, more options to edit the World that you have created …

The sound effects of Minecraft Pocket Edition are not the best and if you are allergic to pixel blocks, this game is not for you. But if you have always dreamed of being Robinson Crusoe in a virtual world and you love exploration, Minecraft Pocket Edition is your game.